Mars cake

My first post :) How exciting!

It was really hard to decide what the first recipe should be. After a lot of thinking I chose the mars cake, we call it mars in Italy. It is a sweet thing, how else could I start my blog? It is a boyfriends’ favorite, try it and let me know ;) It is also a recipe from the past. I discovered this cake when I was 7 or 8, it was the birthday party of a classmate, my mom got the recipe from this friend’s mom and she kept making it over and over again. When I became old enough I started making it myself, and what a success every time! It is also a very simple recipe, no baking required. Can it get any better than this?

But you are probably wondering what makes this cake a “mars cake”. No, it does not come from mars! Instead it is made out of milky ways, from the mars brand, in Italy milky way bars are called mars. Same candy, same brand, same everything, but they are called mars.


Now that I gave you all the needed explanations, let’s get started! This is what you need:


  • 6 Milky Way bars
  • 180 gr butter – 1 stick + 6 tbs
  • 270 gr Rice Krispies – 2 1/2 qt = 9 cups
    • or 375 gr of chocolate rice Krispies


Mars Cake Steps

Cut the milky way bars in chunks, 6-8 chunks per bar. Put the chunks in a microwave safe bowl and melt in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Cut the butter in chucks, add it to the half melted milky ways and melt in the microwave for 1 more minute. The mixture will look like a scary blob as you can see in picture 1.

Here comes the “hard” part of this recipe: wet a spoon and energetically stir the mixture of butter and milky ways, until it is all well combined. The butter should not sit on top of the milky ways. You will see it coming together as you mix it, don’t worry if it does not happen immediately, it requires some energy. When it looks smooth (picture 2) you can stop.

Set the rice krispies in a large bowl, really large or it will be a complete mess! Pour in the bowl the mixture of butter and milky way bars. And stir until all is well combined (picture 3). The cereals should all have some of the mixture on them, scrape well the bottom of the bowl!

You are almost done already! Grab your chosen pan, I use a 13” by 8” pirex pan, spoon the cereals in, wet a spoon and press down the mixture firmly. The cereals should not break but there should not be air around them, they should be a firm layer and not chunks (picture 4).

Cool for a few hours in the fridge and you are ready to serve it!


4 Responses to Mars cake

  1. I am fortunate enough to have eaten Erica’s Mars cake already and it was very good. It is a lot lighter than you would think and less sickly than the American style rice krispie treats.

  2. Yummy!! I love it!!! Too bad we don’t have Mars, Milky Ways or any other similar chocolate candy here in Brazil :(

  3. I like the section “boyfriend’s favorite”… ahahah.. :D

  4. Thank you all for your comments!
    @Mel: oh I would cook for you every day if only we were living closer :'(
    @Adriana: no mars/milky ways?? And I complain about all the things I can’t find in the U.S.! I can send you some!
    @Ste: “boyfriend’s favorites” is a tasty section, you know what I am talking about, no veggies in there. The Guinness stew is going to be on that section really soon!

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