Monthly Archives: December 2010

Salmon x 2

Salmon for two and two salmon dishes in one! I love salmon! I eat it raw in the sushi, I love it smoked on toasted bread spread with butter, I love it baked with roasted potatoes, it is great in pasta sauces, seared in a pan it acquires a crunchy top and there are many many other recipes. Here I am focusing on the way I most often prepare it, which actually makes two fantastic dishes: Baked Salmon and Salmon … Continue reading

Nutella Crepes

The other day Max and I run out of breakfast and were too lazy to go out and get something. It will never happen that our day starts with no breakfast so I made crepes, with nutella filling :) This is a fast and easy to make recipe, perfect to start your day or to close a romantic dinner and impress your loved one ;) The following ingredients make 3 crepes of 7″. Ingredients 1/2 cup flour (60 gr) 1 … Continue reading

My Italian Fried Chicken

… not your KFC! I can’t stand fast food chains. But probably there is no need for me to say this out loud since I am keeping a cooking blog :) But I don’t always eat 100% healthy food :P This is my version of fried chicken, a crispy, tasty Italian version. I call it Italian because it is breaded with some rosemary. You can see it here plated with some store bought fries, but it would be good, and … Continue reading