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This souvlaki recipe completes the Greek weekend, and your meal if you are like me and once you pick a country for your lunch/dinner you stick to it :P check out yesterday’s recipe Tzaziki and enjoy! Souvlaki is easy to make and very flavorful due to the marinade the meat is soaked in before grilling. With the following ingredients you can make 4 skewers, about 3-4 portions. Ingredients 1 1/2 lb to 2 lb pork loin or tenderloin (800 gr … Continue reading


That’s right, that is not Italian ;) but rather Greek! I have never had any greek food before coming to the US. I know it’s unbelievable, but I think Italians are too fond of their cooking traditions and they are reluctant to open to other cultures. The first time I had a gyro it was a blast! But the meat for the gyro is too complicated to make so I have never attempted to make it myself. Even if a … Continue reading

Italian feast

This is not quite a recipe, maybe a serving suggestion? ;) On Sunday Max and I felt very lazy but still in the mood for some tasty lunch, also a warm and bright Floridian sun was inviting us to go outside instead of spending too much time in the kitchen. Soon a decision was taken, we were going to “get rid” of some Italian goodies we brought from home after the Christmas holidays. Here is our lunch tray :P Two … Continue reading

Ice Cream Cake – with no ice cream

When I have leftover egg whites this ice cream cake comes in handy. There is no ice cream in this ice cream cake but once you taste it you will never believe it. The cake you obtain is very similar to an Italian, or rather European, ice cream cake called Viennetta. Countless variations of this cake are possible, depending on your taste. Here I give you my favorite version, it couples soft imitation ice cream with crunchy biscuits :P I am … Continue reading

Rum Flavored Lava Cakes

When I need (literally need) to eat something sweet, but the pantry shows no sign of interesting items to satisfy my sweet tooth I make Lava Cakes :) I whip them up after dinner and they are ready in 15 minutes! Last time I baked them I was feeling particularly sinful so I made a Rum flavored version of Lava Cakes, what can I say… here is how you can make them ;) The specified amounts make 6 cupcake size lava … Continue reading

Puff Pastry Pizzette

Yummy pizzette :) If you have ever been at a party with me you have most likely tasted my famous pizzette. I never get bored of these pizzette (little pizzas) and lately I have been making them as a nice pre-dinner snack ;) They are easy to do, very hard to mess up and they always taste great. They are good warm but also great when they are cold. Perfect for finger food parties! Ingredients – yields about 32 pizzette 1 … Continue reading

Mango salsa

Whenever I get Max to eat some veggies I am very proud of myself ;) A couple of weeks ago I decided to try a mango salsa to go with a pork loin grilled with brown sugar. Since then we made this salsa already three times and I have a mango ripening in the fruit bowl for the next time ;) Mangoes are very uncommon in Italy. Sometimes you can find them at the grocery store, they usually are in … Continue reading