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Tomato Sauce

A base recipe that deserves its own post since I use it so much. Ingredients 1 box parmalat strained tomatoes 2 tbs olive oil oregano to taste 10 large basil leaves Directions Boil for several minutes 1 box of parmalat strained tomatoes, 2 tbs olive oil, oregano to taste and lots of basil leaves broken into pieces with your hands. Boild until it is reduced slightly. Tomato Sauce is perfect to top pasta: spaghetti al pomodoro are a very famous italian … Continue reading


Gua-ca-mo-le I love the sound of this word :D One more thing I had never tried before coming to the US! Actually I have never even tried avocados before coming to the US! Incredible right? Italians are so close minded when it comes to food. We believe we have the best food and there is no reason to try stuff from somewhere else. Well, while I do believe that overall Italian food is the best (that means if you put … Continue reading

Tapas Pizzette

I have already talked about pizzette once, here is the same concept but a completely different recipe. Tiny pizzas that your kids (and husband) will love. Lots of little tapas to enjoy, possibly with friends :)   These are made from scratch, that means no bad oil or unhealthy boxed pizza. I know you are probably already thinking that you will never make the dough right, plus the leavening takes a long time, and the kneading… but stop right there, … Continue reading

Pasta with Broccoli

A late post today because I spent the weekend in Tampa and Clearwater Beach: a little, much needed fun and relax with good friends :) Some time ago my local grocery store had broccoli on sale so I took advantage of the offer and bought a bunch of them. This gives me a perfect excuse to give you a new tasty healthy pasta recipe :) Broccoli are not my favorite veggie, actually I don’t think I have a favorite veggie … Continue reading

Jam Pie – Crostata alla Marmellata

One of my favorite cakes: crostata alla marmellata, that is jam pie :) I have already talked about crostata when I gave you the recipe of quite possibly my very favorite cake, the walnut crostata. And here we have a crostata again, what they have in common is the pie crust, a lovely pasta frolla. Now that I think about it, it may very well be the case that I am in love with the dough, and I like some … Continue reading

Swordfish and Mint Pasta

This recipe is brand new :) I wanted to cook more with fish, and at the same time I was looking for some new, fresh, summery pasta recipe and I found this one which is a perfect combination! Very yummy and very healthy. Also, as usual, very easy and quick. The sauce will be ready in the time it takes to cook the pasta, how cool is that! You can also make more sauce and keep it in the fridge, … Continue reading