Pasta with Broccoli

A late post today because I spent the weekend in Tampa and Clearwater Beach: a little, much needed fun and relax with good friends :)

Some time ago my local grocery store had broccoli on sale so I took advantage of the offer and bought a bunch of them. This gives me a perfect excuse to give you a new tasty healthy pasta recipe :)

Broccoli are not my favorite veggie, actually I don’t think I have a favorite veggie but hands up who does :P Even so, my mom thought me a very good pasta recipe with broccoli, and I keep making it and enjoying the nice flavor of the broccoli, and you’ll have to believe my word or try it for yourself: broccoli can be good, I don’t mean passable, they can really be good, this dish is on my yummy list ;)

Pasta With Broccoli

Plus broccoli are so healthy, they are superfood, packed with tons of good nutrients. Moreover making this dish is a breeze. Another pasta dish that does not need a long time to prepare the sauce.

Broccoli taste so much better if you eat them fresh, when the flowers are a deep green color, before they start turning yellowish. Since I bought lots of them I decided to clean and cut them all and then store small portions in the freezer, ready for a quick meal.

I like to make this pasta dish with lots of broccoli and a portion of pasta smaller than usual. You are going to need about one broccoli, a single stalk and its flowers for each portion of pasta, less if you don’t want to take in too much veggies ;)

Finally a personal note, I tried to buy frozen broccoli, to make it easier to eat those darn vegetables that are so good for us but such a hassle. Well, they tasted bad, honestly I think not knowing what I was eating I would have had a hard time to recognize them as broccoli! Fresh broccoli is the way to go.

The following ingredients are for 2 servings.


  • penne pasta, enough for two small servings, that is 5 oz. (140 gr)
  • 2 broccoli (2 stalks and their flowers)
  • 3 tbs butter
  • 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (crushed red pepper)
  • 3 tbs grated parmesan cheese


Start by preparing the broccoli. Cut the single branches of flowers, leaving each branch together unless it is a very big one. Then peel the stalk until the softer core is exposed. Discard the outside of the stalk and cut the core in small chunks.


Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add salt and toss the pasta in. Use a timer for cooking the pasta and when you are at 8 minutes left toss in the broccoli.

A couple of minutes before the pasta is ready melt the butter in a pan and add the crushed red pepper.

Drain the pasta, together with the broccoli, and toss in the pan with the melted butter. Saute for a couple of minutes, dust with the parmesan, stir well and serve.


Pasta With Broccoli

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  1. First of all great recipe. Broccoli and pasta together for me is a great combination. People generally do not like broccoli but when it is used in combination with meat and other vegetables it can really make amazing dishes.

    • Thank you! I love the recipe of your broccoli quiche. I have a recipe for an incredibly tasty broccoli quiche as well, it uses pate brise (pie dough), cream, parmesan and prosciutto: very italian :)

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