Monthly Archives: June 2011

Pizza -Dough and Margherita Topping-

Is today a special day for you? It should be because I am going to share a very special recipe: pizza dough, plus a timeless topping of tomato sauce and mozzarella, that is “pizza margherita”. Pizza dough is not hard to make, the tricks are: perfectly measured ingredients, 15 minutes of good kneading (10 if you can convince your husband to do it for you or if you use an electric mixer) and a warm place for leavening. This pizza … Continue reading

Mozzarella Provolone and Tomato Savory Pie

Mmm so good! Mmm so summery, when the tomatoes are ripe this is just the best savory pie. Light and filling and so tasty. A crunchy crust that holds together wonderfully, good cheese and the freshness of the tomatoes, plus a perfect blend of spices. While Max complains every time I make it, he sees veggies and has an automatic reaction of disappointment, this pie disappears from his plate sooner than it disappears from mine :D The recipe for the … Continue reading

Sauteed Mushrooms – Funghi Trifolati

The way you sauté mushrooms in Italy is unique, we call them Funghi Trifolati. Here is the recipe, I will use it over and over again in various recipes in the blog so it deserves its own post. The first recipe using funghi trifolati will be here soon: crepes with ham and mushrooms -me: drooling! Ingredients white mushrooms olive oil to saute the garlic (2-3 tbs) garlic chopped parsley Directions Slice the mushrooms thinly (picture 1). Toss in a pan over medium … Continue reading

Italian Banana Cheesecake

My mom came up with this recipe some time ago. She kept telling me what a rich taste this easy cheesecake has and finally I had to try it… she was right indeed, this cheesecake is easy and it is good!! I also liked the texture very much. I had a hard time deciding the title of this post though. This definitely is a cheesecake, but it is not your regular cheesecake, for example there is no cream cheese in it. I … Continue reading