Monthly Archives: July 2011

Grilled vegetables

Summer is BBQ time, to me the best side for a good steak or grilled fish is some nicely grilled vegetables. Here is the recipe for Max’s favorite: grilled potatoes (are potatoes even a vegetable??); and real vegetables for me: zucchini. I tried yellow zucchini for the first time when cooking this recipe, I did not notice any particular difference with the more common green ones, but the combination of colors looks nice ;) Ingredients 2 yukon gold medium potatoes … Continue reading

Yogurt no-bake dessert

Similar to a cheese cake, but better. This no-bake cake is perfect for this hot season, melting, mixing and whipping is all you are required to do to enjoy this deliciousness. I love this cake any time of the day, it is a good start of the day for breakfast since it is packed with yogurt, it is a nice snack and a very good dessert after dinner, fresh, creamy and soft. Also, since this cake is made of yogurt … Continue reading

Strawberry coulis

Mmm strawberry coulis… I am salivating!! Perfect to top frozen cakes, panna cotta, or why not, ice cream :) I especially love it on plain yogurt, such a healthier way to make your yogurt taste better! Here is the super quick recipe to make it. This amount of ingredients yield 2/3 cups of coulis. Ingredients 1/2 cup strawberries cut in chunks 2 or 3 tbs sugar (depending on how sweet you want it) 1 tbs lemon juice Directions Toss all … Continue reading

Newly wed

I promised a post on my wedding, well on the great food we had at the reception of our wedding. First I want to thank Ristorante Corte Benedettina for the fantastic service, fantastic food, fantastic wine and the great atmosphere that their location created for us. A special thank you and get well soon to the Chef Andrea Franceschi and a second special thank you to Patrizia Giosmin for the work she did to put this event together and all … Continue reading


I am back! From where? Well, as my darling best friends B&B said: from Miss to Mrs Yes, I got married :) in my hometown in Italy. A fantastic celebration that deserves its own post, a food oriented summary of the day ;) After the wedding my new hubby and I spent 10 days in Iceland for our honeymoon, and that too deserves its own food oriented post, here I am just going to say that I really underestimated how … Continue reading

Sausage and Mushrooms Sauce

The idea for this recipe comes from Max :) It is not the healthiest pasta sauce you will ever see but it is one of the tastiest, I can bet on that! This sauce takes some 30 minutes to make (unless you already have sauteed mushrooms). It is great made fresh and enjoyed with some penne pasta but it can also withstand the freezer with no problem, so… be lazy! We always make more than we need and we freeze … Continue reading