Newly wed


I promised a post on my wedding, well on the great food we had at the reception of our wedding.

First I want to thank Ristorante Corte Benedettina for the fantastic service, fantastic food, fantastic wine and the great atmosphere that their location created for us. A special thank you and get well soon to the Chef Andrea Franceschi and a second special thank you to Patrizia Giosmin for the work she did to put this event together and all the last second things she worked on given our short stay in Italy before the wedding.

Our wedding date

But let’s talk about food :)

We had a long reception from about 12:30 pm to 6 pm with food food and more food. Plus every course was paired with a wine. Everything was delicious, and that highlighted how everything in the US tastes like cardboard :(

The only sad part of the wedding is that while guests were enjoying a large buffet with all sorts of yummy things seating outside, Max and I were doing the wedding photo shoot and we did not get to taste any of that yummyliciousness :'(

We prepared the menu cards ourselves and I am quite happy with the result


And here is what we ate:

Buffet of appetizers


Grilled Vegetable Strudel on Cream of Mascarpone Cheese and Roses of Prosciutto di Parma
Served with Bianco Superiore di Breganze


Risotto with Green Asparagus Tips and Prosecco
Served with Bianco di Custoza


Homemade Fettuccine with White Ragu of  Duck ** my favorite **
Served with Bardolino Classico


Empire Langoustine on Cream of Corn. This makes me laugh because empire means the langoustine are wrapped in bacon and the cream of corn is… polenta :P it was crazy good though!
Served with Soave classico


Pear Sorbet. A good break from all the eating and a good time for wedding jokes.


Beef Tagliata on Arugula with shaved Grana Padano d.o.p. (Here is my very own version of this recipe)
Served with Valpolicella classico


And finally: Wedding Cake! Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Chantilly Cream. Decorated with a special message that we chose: Three seconds to say I love you, three hours to explain it, and a lifetime to prove it.
Served with Moscato

Wedding Cake

An additional thank you to my friend Kay for taking the pics of food and drinks… I was too busy to even remember that I planned to write a post on the wedding reception :P

And last but not least a special thank you to friends and family that joined us, physically and emotionally and contributed in making our special day truly SPECIAL!

Wait, I almost forgot to thank the one person that made the day truly special, grazie Amour!

LOVE alphabet frame


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  1. I LOVE this post :-) I love the words with photos in them (just learned how to do that in Photoshop :-) Mostly I loved the wedding! It was fabulous! Exactly what I would expect from two “foodies.”

    • Thanks Kay! The pictures in the letters are fun :) And thanks again for the pictures!!

  2. I wish you guys a perfect life together.
    I love this post!! And what can I say about the food but… wooooow!!!!!

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