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Have you ever prepared pesto? I never dared to try but last time I was in Italy my grandma quickly whipped it up and I was astonished: it seemed so easy. I have to say she is a regular Italian grandma so she can quickly whip up all sorts of delicious things, but seriously, pesto seemed extremely easy to make. So since my basil is quite big, why not try pesto?! This is the result, what do you think? Now, … Continue reading

Berry Dessert

BeyondPasta was down for a few days and I missed my usual weekend post. I believe I have to make up for that with a delightful dessert :) One of my eating sins is cake for breakfast! But during summer the heat ruins my cakes in such a short time. I have to conserve them in the fridge, but who wants to eat a slice of apple cake or marble pound cake from the fridge for breakfast? (Like they do … Continue reading

Baked Zesty Tilapia

We all should eat more fish. I personally like it but my problem is that I don’t know many ways to prepare it so I easily get bored of eating fish. We happened to find some cheap local tilapia some time ago and we decided to make it in a simple way with the usual salt, black pepper and lemon, but we gave it a little twist using small key limes, they are so tasty!! I accompanied the tilapia with … Continue reading

Greek Flaming Cheese

It looks like I am becoming quite fond of Greek cuisine since I am posting another recipe originally from the sunny splendid, blue waters and white buildings of Greece. Whenever we go to a greek festival we get the flaming cheese that they make right in front of you, and we simply love it! Few weeks ago we found Kasseri cheese and we could not help it to try to prepare Saganaki: greek flaming cheese :) It turned out very … Continue reading

Goat Cheese Risotto and Stella’s Modern Pantry

I love cheese ohhhh I love it! I could live on cheese only, I am talking good quality cheese, not the one that comes in perfectly square blocks! And risotto? Oh boy do I love risotto, therefore risotto with goat cheese sounds like an amazing combination to me :)   When I moved to Ocala, I was afraid I was going to have to drive to Orlando to find decent food. Ocala is a little country town, downtown is made … Continue reading