Monthly Archives: November 2011

My new wheels

YEP! I have wheels now. A girl cannot do it all by herself, sometimes you need some help and with the hubby working all day I had to find something to help me carry stuff. We saw this baby walking around last saturday, it was love at first sight But let’s face it, I don’t have a garage to park it, I wouldn’t want to leave it outside exposed to the elements and German crazy drivers! :P So I went … Continue reading

Guten Tag Berlin

A week has gone by and I have been very busy but I have also been processing the huge amount of information I am receiving. My dear friend Brandy of Deliciously Alive teaches (and preaches) that writing thoughts down is very helpful so I tried. I didn’t realize how much information you can download from your brain when you put it on paper (electronic paper works better for me). As soon as it is written somewhere the thinking process stops, … Continue reading

Bye bye Florida

It’s time to go, jump on that plane and say goodbye to the US of A. It was such a nice adventure :) but the European in me is punching, kicking and screaming. I need to go back, enjoy life the way I know it, nestle cozily  in that feeling of being home, even if I am not quite going home, but Europe is like a big mama. Sure Germany is not going to be like Italy, but I am … Continue reading

Squash and Sausage Lasagna

I started writing this recipe some time ago but got into the OMG-I-am-moving-to-Berlin mood and never completed it, so here it is. It’s fall so it’s squash season! Mmm that orange yummyness of butternut squash is finally here again and I started the season with the most luxurious squash recipe I know: Squash and sausage lasagna. I love fall, the temperature starts to be chilly but not yet cold, the leaves change color and the streets are full of crispy … Continue reading

Something about me… A new adventure

I am back! Well actually this is just an update on why I have been gone for so long, and why probably I will be gone for a little longer… I am moving! Soon BeyondPasta will be blogging from here A new beginning? A fresh start? I like to think about what is waiting for me as the next adventure. New beginning and fresh start make me think about the counterpart: something ending. I don’t want to look at that … Continue reading