Bye bye Florida

It’s time to go, jump on that plane and say goodbye to the US of A.

It was such a nice adventure :) but the European in me is punching, kicking and screaming. I need to go back, enjoy life the way I know it, nestle cozily  in that feeling of being home, even if I am not quite going home, but Europe is like a big mama. Sure Germany is not going to be like Italy, but I am confident it will be close enough. I am also confident it will satisfy my need for well defined, unbreakable rules ;)

So goodbye Florida, I will miss you as I will miss very much all the special friends I made down here, there will always be a couch for you to crash on in Berlin, and when I say you, you know I am talking about YOU.

Here are some of my favorite sights in Florida

Palms and American flags

Palms and American flags

White Ibis

White Ibis on my way to work


Pensacola: white beaches, emerald water and teeming marine life

And many many more other unique things…

3 Responses to Bye bye Florida

  1. I am going to miss you!!!!!

  2. Rus and I will miss you both. We can’t wait to visit in Berlin. Chris Bricker Ocala, FL

    • We will miss you too. Berlin is amazing, you should absolutely come visit!

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