Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bread and salt

Bread and salt were given to me as a housewarming present, a tradition with Russian roots that is still honored in Berlin. Bread so there will be no hunger and salt to add flavor to life. Lovely I would say! The salt is from Bad Reichenhall located in the German Alpes. The bread is Arabic flatbread baked traditionally: on a stone in a fire oven. It is from a small bakery close to the Turkish market in Kreuzberg. The idea behind … Continue reading

Free beer: Germany

We made it! We reached the quota for our first free beer :) It wasn’t a big effort I have to admit, but now we can go to the store and claim our first free beer!     This is how it works: after 9 beers you get one free, and this is if you buy the expensive beer, for the cheap beer you only need 5 beers to get one free! Of course the bottles are all half a … Continue reading