Free beer: Germany

We made it! We reached the quota for our first free beer :) It wasn’t a big effort I have to admit, but now we can go to the store and claim our first free beer!




This is how it works: after 9 beers you get one free, and this is if you buy the expensive beer, for the cheap beer you only need 5 beers to get one free! Of course the bottles are all half a liter! Aren’t the Germans great?!

Well, maybe the idea is not quite like that but this is my interpretation ;) The reality is that Germans are very strict with recycling and they try their best to make it easy for people to be willing to recycle and not cause too much trouble. So, every time you buy a bottle of beer you pay for it 10 cents more than the actual cost. Once you drunk it you can take the bottle back to the store and get your 10 cents “deposit” back. Or you can give the empty bottle to the homeless so they can collect the 10 cents, although I suspect they may be happier if you give them a full bottle instead of the empty flask, but this may not be the best for them…

My interpretation of the law is

Expensive beer costs 89 cents, you pay 99 cent for it, so once you had 9 of them, you can take the containers back to the store and they will give you 90 cents, that is: one free beer! Plus the free beer counts toward the next free beer. I think this is a wonderful system!

PS: cheap beer costs 45 cents so with only 5 of them you can get your free cheap beer ;)

So: cheers!!

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