Monthly Archives: January 2012

International Green Week Berlin

In this little corner of the world there is alway something going on. This past weekend I enjoyed very much going to the International Green Week, in German Grüne Woche. The Grüne Woche is a large fair with international stands from all over the world selling their specialties, mainly food, and drinks. Plus a large section on agriculture and farming, with an eye toward organic food and renewable energy, for example solar energy to power the farms. They also had cooking shows … Continue reading

Trial and error

I haven’t published recipes in a while, it is not because I am not cooking but rather because every move to a new country involves a lot of trial and error with the local products. The first 6 months I spent in the US I was very upset with the food: first of all the (damn) measuring cups don’t make any sense! How can you measure in volume instead of weight?!? The second big issue was with flour. The types … Continue reading

Food Revolution

Eating is the most basic human need. But these days we most certainly don’t eat to survive, we eat because we enjoy it, a meal is a wonderful way to get together with family and friends. But more and more often people turn to cheap fast food, they don’t know how to cook, they can’t even recognize vegetables! Some time ago I heard about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, but never quite payed attention to it. I eat fairly healthy food, … Continue reading

Happy Befana and Casunziei from the Dolomites

In Italy we have the tradition of epiphany on January 6th. The night of epiphany an old lady called Befana and dressed in old clothes stops by the houses and leaves a stoking full of sweet treats for the good kids and coal for the kids that misbehaved. Every year the Befana (aka my mom) used to put a small piece of fake coal (made of sugar) in my stoking xD The stoking from my grandmothers was only full of … Continue reading

Digression on quality of life

The other day I have been told I don’t know what quality of life is, just when I thought I had found the perfect place to live: Berlin. I understood that quality of life means something different for each person. There are tons of articles and researches that try to list the best places to live, the ones with the best quality of life, but what are the parameters, and how do they estimate how many points to assign? I … Continue reading