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Saturday Market at Winterfeldplatz

Oh my goodness the market at Winterfeldplatz is simply amazing! I heard of this market almost from the first day I arrived in Berlin. I have been meaning to go, but the search for my new place and the cold and the fact that everything was new to me and I had so many other things to explore pushed this back. Plus, I thought, it is just a market, good vegetables and meat but I have to plan some recipes … Continue reading

A slice of Paris in Berlin?

I am scouting the web in search of the best of the best to eat in Paris (with an eye on the budget of course ;) and I thought “there has to be a French style pastry shop in Berlin”. You know, pastries that look like a piece of modern art. A perfect combination of flavors that pleasure the palate as much as the eye. With those cream puffs and fruit and all sorts of other toppings just standing there defying gravity. … Continue reading

A short trip to a foodie’s dream city

Where? What comes to mind when I say: Éclair, macaron, madeleine, crêpe and bourguignon? La Ville-Lumière, the city of lights, Paris! I can’t wait to write about this trip! I have already bookmarked this list of the best pastry shops in Paris, and I am so looking forward to try each one of the suggested best of the best. The hubby calculated that it would mean 3 pastry shops per day: I can do it! I am also scouting the web for suggestions … Continue reading

Italian Potato Cake – Gateau di Patate

Comfort food! It’s winter, it’s cold outside, sometimes I just want a recipe that is easy to put together but will deliver a good flavor and warm me up. This was the case last night. I really didn’t feel like putting up a big dinner but I still wanted a real dinner. Gateau di Patate came to my mind. This is an Italian recipe but don’t ask why it uses the french word for cake “gateau” because I have no … Continue reading

Soft Walnut Cake – Egg White Cake

Sometimes a recipe calls for a lot of egg yolks and you end up with a lot of unused egg whites. For me the culprit is pastry cream. Check out the 6 egg yolk recipe for pastry cream, part of the Crostata di cioccolato alla crema pasticcera. It is such a waste to toss all those egg whites. I always try to make a complementary recipe that will use all of them. Sure, you could whip them up and make … Continue reading

Crostata di cioccolato alla crema pasticcera

Yeap, another italian recipe name. Sorry I can’t help it, this is too italian to try to find an english translation. But let me help you out: Crostata = is a pie, made of a tart of sweet pastry (pasta frolla) filled with “something”. The most common filling is jam. See my jam crostata di cioccolato = of chocolate. Because the pie dough is a chocolate variation of the original. alla crema pasticcera = of pastry cream <drooling here is very … Continue reading

Pasta e Fagioli – Pasta and Beans

It’s not over! Winter I mean. Nope, not yet… the weather is much better these days though. It is so weird how after a couple of weeks of temperatures double digits below zero (around zero Fahrenheit, and sometimes below zero) when the termometer hits zero (32 F) you feel it’s warm. I wanted to take off my hat the other day, and one of my friends told me she felt like hitting the beach :D Even so, as I said, … Continue reading

Baileys Nutella Bon Bons

One more recipe from my finger food housewarming party. These bon bons had quite a success, there wasn’t a single one left at the end of the evening! I bookmarked this recipe a while back, it sounded good but it ended up in the huge pile of things I want to prepare one day or another and was soon forgotten. One night I wanted to treat the hubby to something sweet and I found this recipe again. I had all … Continue reading


Germans know how to make their sweets! I already mentioned how here in Berlin they like to have their Kaffee und Kuchen, an afternoon break were they enjoy coffee and a slice of cake. Max and I enjoyed few Kaffee und Kuchen breaks on lazy winter Sunday afternoons. In one of these trips to Berlin pastry shops Max had the biggest rumkugeln I have ever seen 0_0 it was the size of a tennis ball! Searching the web I seem … Continue reading

Finger food party

On Saturday we had our housewarming party, a wonderful excuse to get back to my favorite activity: bake and cook. It was a bit of a challenge for me given that we had quite a few vegetarians and some celiac, but I made it :) We decided for an afternoon party with finger food, so everybody could enjoy a bite here and there while not missing the action of the conversation ;) The menu included some of my staples, adapted … Continue reading