A slice of Paris in Berlin?

I am scouting the web in search of the best of the best to eat in Paris (with an eye on the budget of course ;) and I thought “there has to be a French style pastry shop in Berlin”. You know, pastries that look like a piece of modern art. A perfect combination of flavors that pleasure the palate as much as the eye. With those cream puffs and fruit and all sorts of other toppings just standing there defying gravity.

Well, I found one :D Total happiness! Of course I went to check it out right away!

It’s Albrechts Pâtisserie. French â and everything ;) and it has two locations in Berlin.

French pastries in Berlin

The hubby and I had one pastry each, and we got four more to take home, all different, all pretty, all with a French touch to them.

Here are my thoughts about Albrechts.

A very convenient location. I went to their branch in Winterfeldstraβe. Just few steps from the Nollendorfplatz U-bahn stop. U1, U2, U3 and U4 all stop there. It is literally 10 steps from the Winterfedlplatz Market that takes place on Saturday (more on this amazing market soon!) so I highly recommend you to check them both out.

A cozy environment


A pretty and cozy place. The setup of this pastry shop is the one of a medium-size apartment facing the street on the ground floor of an old building. When you walk in you are in the first room, the couter with the pastries is right in front of you and a couple of small tables are located by the windows, to your right is the second room. Large wooden tables are in this room, all surrounded by white wooden chairs with black and white pillows all over :) Walk past the second room and you are in the corridor toward a couple (at least) more rooms. The corridor is adorned by another small table with a couple of chairs, everything coordinated in red. While the place was quite packed we were all by ourselves in a super cozy little room with a sofa and a swing chair, both white with red touches here and there :)

Four French pastries in Berlin

On to the pastries: they were good. Not outstanding but good. While they are all pretty and certainly follow the style of French pastry, the chef doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to the details. The shell of the tartelettes was not quite even (and some were too pale) and the little chocolate sheet with the name of the patisserie was often upside down. Sure, these things don’t matter but I have a keen eye for details. All in all the pastries were good, again, not outstanding. I am hard to please when it comes to sweets. My grandfather, now retired, was a pastry chef with his own pasticceria in Italy. I grew up spending my Sundays in the laboratory (as we called the kitchens of the pastry shop) while everybody was rushing around rolling dough, mixing cream, filling tart shells and decorating cakes. I miss that a lot. Too bad I decided I wanted to be an engineer (what was I thinking??).

Earl Grey Tea

Drinks: we had an espresso, picky Italian hubby says it was not good. And a tea: very very good! Really!

A slice of Paris in Berlin? Close enough, I would certainly go check it out if you have a chance.

Berlin has tons of pastry shops, Konditorei, but I noticed they sell mainly slices of cakes rather than pastries. Amazing cakes I tell you! Tall, with many layers… huge slices! I will give you some tips on more pastry shops as I continue by explorations of Berlin.

Post scriptum: after eating the pastries I brought home I have to say I like this pastry shop a little more :) I enjoyed very much the chocolate mousse dome (yup, top left pic, the one that looks like a dome you know :P) and I enjoyed even more the white chocolate hazelnut tartelette (bottom left pic). Yummy yummy!


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  1. You should try the Werkstatt der Susse in Prenzlauerberg. I would say it’s even better. Although sometimes they sell stuff that is past it’s best so definitely look closely before ordering.

  2. Hi Suzy, thanks for stopping by. Awww that pastry shop looks really good too, I am going to have to try that one too!

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