Monthly Archives: February 2012

St. Valentine’s crafting

I am not a big fan of St. Valentine, I usually don’t celebrate it. Maybe I simply don’t get it, I love my “other half” all year round (more or less) why would I celebrate our relationship on St. Valentine day? But this year I kind of feel it in the air. When I saw these hearts I run to the craft store and bought the material, maybe because I recently got married or maybe because the freezing temperature inspires … Continue reading

Summer is fast approaching…

… kind of ;) Here in Berlin it feels like winter has just started actually. The snow has arrived making everything white and pretty and the temperature decreased drastically, now the daily maximum temperature is below freezing, and I am talking WELL BELOW freezing. I don’t even want to think about the minimum temperature!! So, to get me through winter I had to concentrate on something pleasant and what better thought than planning summer vacations? Now that I am back … Continue reading