Germans know how to make their sweets! I already mentioned how here in Berlin they like to have their Kaffee und Kuchen, an afternoon break were they enjoy coffee and a slice of cake. Max and I enjoyed few Kaffee und Kuchen breaks on lazy winter Sunday afternoons. In one of these trips to Berlin pastry shops Max had the biggest rumkugeln I have ever seen 0_0 it was the size of a tennis ball! Searching the web I seem to understand that in northern Germany that size is normal, hurray for tennis ball sized rumkugeln ;)

There are many variations of the recipe for rumkugeln, mine is from Bruneck (Brunico in Italian) a small beautiful town in South Tyrol where people are rather Austrian, not very Italian, (some barely speak Italian!) so I trust the source.

The steps are very easy and the result is guaranteed! If you make them for a party their success is also guaranteed, check them out! They are a perfect bite size.

The ingredients specified yield about 40 truffles.


  • 300 gr dark chocolate (10.5 oz)
  • 200 gr hazelnuts (7 oz)
  • 125 ml heavy whipping cream (1/2 cup)
  • 90 ml rum (6 tbs)
  • 150 gr chocolate sprinkles (5 oz)


Cut and melt the dark chocolate. To melt the chocolate without ruining it patience is the number one rule. Set the chocolate in a pan at very low heat, as soon as it starts melting start stirring it and continue until all the chunks have dissolved.

Chop the hazelnuts very thinly (I found them at the store already thinly chopped, almost a flour like texture). In the US I couldn’t find hazelnuts so I substituted them with walnuts, the result was very good!

Pour the chopped nuts in a bowl and add the melted chocolate, the cream and the rum. With a spoon stir everything together until all is well combined. Cover and chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Prepare some mini paper liners and pour the chocolate sprinkles on a deep dish.

Get the dough from the fridge and spoon small portions of dough, roll it between your hands to make a ball, about the size of a walnut, then toss it in the deep dish of sprinkles and coat it with them, position the truffle on a paper liner and your first rumkugeln is done! I would suggest you to toss the first rumkugeln straight into your mouth though, you want some energy for the spooning, rolling and coating process ;) Plus you want to make sure they are turning out just right :P

first rumkugeln

The truffles will last several days in the fridge in an airtight container, but I can assure you they will be gone before you know :P



5 Responses to Rumkugeln

  1. Yaaay!!! Thank you so much for the recipe!!! I’ll definitely try it out!!!

    • Go for it! They are very easy to make and you know how good they taste ;)

  2. Just wondering if they taste like those tennis ball sized ones in Germany? I’ve been searching high and low for an authentic recipe that will taste like those!!

    • No,these are not like the big ones. The are more like chocolate pralines. Sorry

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