St. Valentine’s crafting

I am not a big fan of St. Valentine, I usually don’t celebrate it. Maybe I simply don’t get it, I love my “other half” all year round (more or less) why would I celebrate our relationship on St. Valentine day?

But this year I kind of feel it in the air. When I saw these hearts I run to the craft store and bought the material, maybe because I recently got married or maybe because the freezing temperature inspires me to handle wool (but I am not ready yet to get my knitting needles out, I am out of practice).

Here is the result:

yarn wrapped heart

And here is the webpage with detailed instructions: Yarn Hearts from Family Chic

I couldn’t find the “rustic floral wire” so I bought plain wire and then I wrapped it with white wool, I like the result a lot!

I made a first one following the instructions, same heart shape and yarn wrapped around the border of the heart twice, but it didn’t satisfy me much (pic below, heart to the right) so for the second one I went for my favorite heart shape (a rather fat heart, large and short) and wrapped the yarn only once. The yarn sticks well to the wool I wrapped around the wire so no need to double wrap it.

My hearts are hanging in a backdrop of snowy roofs :)

view and yarn hearts

PS: I am not a big crafter but these were very easy and turned out so pretty!

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  1. That’s very sweet.

  2. What craft store did u go to?

  3. @Chris: thanks for reading!
    @Natalie: I am not sure how the store is called but it is at the Schlossstrasse (so many ‘s’) U9 stop under the bridge on the same side of Saturn. It has toys upstairs and if you walk toward the back and then downstairs you can find quite a bit of crafting material.

  4. These hearts look very pretty! I was meaning to ask you about them on Saturday. I thought you bought them somewhere. I like them even more, now that I know they’re handmade.

    • The original idea was to make a bunch of small ones for the guests… it miserably failed as you could see :P

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