Summer is fast approaching…

… kind of ;) Here in Berlin it feels like winter has just started actually. The snow has arrived making everything white and pretty and the temperature decreased drastically, now the daily maximum temperature is below freezing, and I am talking WELL BELOW freezing. I don’t even want to think about the minimum temperature!!

So, to get me through winter I had to concentrate on something pleasant and what better thought than planning summer vacations? Now that I am back in the old world I can go visit all the places that I always wanted to see but was too poor as a student to go to. I have been thinking about Greece, Turkey, southern Italy and many more. But sometimes it happens that a place just strikes me and after a quick online search to confirm my gut feeling the decision is taken. It happend last year with Iceland, that was a magic trip! The land of fire and ice did not disappoint, on the contrary, I can’t wait to go back, I want to see the northern lights! ♥ Niceland!

It happend again this year, browsing through the stands of the different countries at the Grüne Woche in Berlin, I found myself surrounded by huge pictures of mountains and sea, snow capped peaks and green valleys. The stands were selling salmon and elk. I was stunned! Norway stunned me. I tried some samples of the food, it all tasted great, bought some elkwürst and picked up a bunch of guides. Today I browsed through the travel guides and did a quick search on the internet and we have a decision: Norway it is! And now let the planning begin ;) Can’t wait!

Here are some pics I borrowed from Flickr. Thanks to  Alexandre Dulaunoy (picture 1 and 5), Michael Gwyther-Jones (picture 2), willemgo (picture 3) and shannonkringen (picture 4) for allowing me to use their awesome pics.


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