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Paris – Part 2: pastries

I told you about the fun things I saw in Paris but now it’s time to get to the reason I really went to Paris: the food! I was somewhat disappointed by the food in Paris, I think that given the great number of turists a lot of establishments can sell bad/mediocre food and still be in business. On the last day of my stay at 10 in the morning I bought a croissant, a pain au chocolat and some bread. … Continue reading

Paris – Part 1: sightseeing

I am back from my short trip to Paris, and the first thing I should say is that I absolutely loved Paris. My trip was too short though, Paris is in my to-go list even though I just came back. I was not a big fan of Paris, too many French. And you know what they say about their attitude… it’s all true! Even so, being in the heart of Europe, few steps from major cities, I thought checking out … Continue reading

Porcini Mushroom Pasties

Remember the dough I had leftover from the lemon meringue pie? I wrapped it well, sealed it in a container and tossed it in the fridge waiting for a tasty idea. This pastry dough pâte brisée, is suitable for sweets as well as for salty things, so I had no limits on its usage. A couple of evenings later I had some leftover stuffed mushrooms to eat and I didn’t feel like making an elaborate dinner, so the pastry came in handy. … Continue reading

How much air is in your cup?

You may have noticed I used to write the ingredients of my recipes both in grams and cups but lately I am mainly writing them in grams only. I still love you american friends and truly hope you have been trying some of my recipes and will continue to do so, but my cups didn’t make it to Europe. I don’t need them because almost all of my recipes are originally from Italy or some other part of the world … Continue reading

Lemon Meringue Pie

Today I had to publish a recipe for pie, because today is Pi Day, yup Π Day as in 3.14 But I have one more reason to publish a recipe for pie: I am joining the party for the first birthday of Museum 140 (and I want to win!).   After a lot of thinking to find the perfect pie for the occasion, I decided to go all in and try to bake a lemon meringue pie, a complicated recipe that I … Continue reading

Almost Shepherd’s Pie

The following recipe is “almost” a shepherd’s pie, quite appropriate for this time of the year since it is almost St. Patrick’s Day. I thought this was the right time to try another recipe from Ireland England, but I couldn’t find ground lamb (shepherd – lamb, you do see why I needed it, right?) so I went for beef and therefore the following recipe is “almost” a shepherd’s pie ;) {Waaa I have just been admonished by not one but two … Continue reading

Ricotta Morning Braids

This recipe is a slight modification of a recipe from the Italian chef Luca Montersino. I was looking for something sweet to make for breakfast and my research ended as soon as I read this recipe. No eggs and no butter for a tasty little braid that is oh so soft and a little chewy, I think it will be great dipped in milk!   These braids are made of a plain dough, full of ricotta. But next time I will … Continue reading

Smoked Salmon Half Moons

I love it when an easy recipe turns out delicious! And when it has only three ingredients (plus egg wash) and takes 10 minutes to prepare and 15 in the oven I really can’t complain. These little puff pastry pouches are a perfect appetizer for a seafood dinner. These byte size half moons also contribute to the thread of recipes that would work great for a buffet, or a finger food party. This is another tasty recipe suggested by my mom, … Continue reading

Orata al Cartoccio – Baked Sea Bream

I told you about my mission to the market, preceded by a phone call to my mom to get tips on a good fish and a delicious way to prepare it, and here is the recipe she suggested. I made it for dinner and it was really delicious. It is also a very healthy meal and one that won’t stuff you. My mom suggested to prepare the fish al cartoccio that is wrapped in aluminum foil together with all the other ingredients and … Continue reading

Today’s catch, tonight’s dinner

Last Thursday while walking home after a lunch date with the hubby I saw the stalls of the market in my neighborhood. Since it was a sunny day I took a slight detour and walked through the market. I was delighted to find quite a few stands selling cheese, many selling vegetables and fruit, some selling meat and charcuterie, a few selling Turkish bread and olives along with all sorts of Turkish dips, but what really enthralled me and made me … Continue reading