Paris – Part 1: sightseeing

I am back from my short trip to Paris, and the first thing I should say is that I absolutely loved Paris. My trip was too short though, Paris is in my to-go list even though I just came back.

I was not a big fan of Paris, too many French. And you know what they say about their attitude… it’s all true! Even so, being in the heart of Europe, few steps from major cities, I thought checking out the French capital was a must do and started planning my trip.

After a bit of research I quickly fell in love with the city of lights, it seemed so romantic and the food, oh the food (more on this on Paris – Part 2)!! So off we went, heading south west, from the capital city of Germany to the capital city of France.

One of the first pretty sights was the metro station sign :)

Metropolitain sign

But I can’t possibly tell you about all the pretty sights because really, this is Paris, there is no such thing as a bad sight here. Everything is pretty, and romantic, and astonishing, elaborated, immense and so much more. So I am just going to tell you what left me speechless or absolutely amused ;)

The Louvre

The Louvre has 16 kilometers (10 miles) of galleries. If you wanted to spend one minute in front of each piece of art it would take you 4 months to visit it!!

The Louvre

Left to right the entire length of the Louvre

Pyramid at the Louvre

… and there is a second identical building on the back!

The bridges on the Seine

There are so many beautiful bridges on the Seine. They are all unique, and all worth walking by. I have two favorites, Pont Alexandre III, with all the golden statues, and Pont Neuf. Adele’s music video “Someone like you” was shot on Pont Alexandre III ;)

Pont Neuf (new bridge) is the oldest bridge in Paris. It is named “new” because it is supposedly the first stone bridge. It is ornated with caricatures of the ministries of Henry IV. The story says that Henry IV had a big party and got everybody drunk, then he called an artists and had him draw burlesque caricatures of all his ministries. But not satisfied by the drawings he had them carved in stone and attached to the bridge. What a joker :P

Paris Pont Neuf

Manicured gardens

At first it was too funny to see trees cropped squarely instead of round. But then, looking at the big picture, once those trees are full of leaves they will lead the eye to where it should be looking at, being it the Tour Eiffel, the Obelisk on Place the la Concord or the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. My absolut favorit was Jardin des Tuileries, stretching from the pyramid of the Louvre.

Square Trees

Paris Tips

If you are under 25 and a EU member lots of the museums and monuments in Paris are free, and the ones that aren’t usually have a discount.

The lines to enter every single monument/museum in Paris are just endless. You could spend hours in line before you get your ticket, and if it is a cold winter day or scorching hot summer day, those hours are bound to be a nightmare. Plus, standing in line you are missing so much of Paris. So, do some research before you leave and buy your tickets online. They will cost a couple of euros more, but in my opinion they are all worth it!

Free tours? Go for it! Just type free tour Paris on google and you will find lots of companies offering free tours. Join one! They are fun, informative and a great way to get your bearings. How can they be free? Well, the tour guides do the tour for tips. You don’t have to tip, but if they did a good job why not pay them what you think their work was worth? How many times do you have a chance to pay something what you think it is worth instead of feeling robbed (personally, I often feel robbed!). Plus usually after the tour you get to buy ticket for other tours for a discount! Hubby and I joined Billy for a 3 1/2 hours (no kidding) free tour. So much fun!

We will never know

The change to Daylight saving time happened while we were in Paris. Spending Sunday morning in the center of town and noticing that all the clocks showed the correct time we wondered: who changes the time in ALL the clocks in Paris?



Au revoir Paris!

Tour Eiffel

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  1. Oh what beautiful photos! I love the wide angle at the Louvre. It looks as if you took a boat ride on the Seine? I think that is the best way to see the bridges!

    • Yep, we rode a boat, it was a nice guided tour, certainly the best way to see all the bridges up close, they look very different when you walk on them.

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