Monthly Archives: April 2012

Yogurt, coconut and chocolate loaf

I haven’t given you a new recipe in a while: bad Erika! Actually I had this one here ready to post but I completely forgot! So here is a delicious cake, the flavors combine so well that I am drooling and already thinking I should go buy the ingredients and make it again right away! Also, I just got back from Poland so stay tuned for a post on Warsaw and Polish food :) I left/sold/gifted almost everything I owned … Continue reading

Bean Burrito

I am moving toward a more vegetarian diet, reducing my intake of meat. Not that my intake of meat is high but I think the least the better. I still want my diet to be balanced so I decided to try to make a burrito filled with beans given their high protein content. Beans are also rich in fiber and soluble fiber, the latter can help to lower cholesterol, perfect, right? Yes, yes, beans may have a side effect, but you won’t … Continue reading

A Glass of Strawberries

  It’s Sunday! This weekend has been all about the house: a trip to IKEA, a good scrub to the apartment (you know, the dust bunnies keep you company but they tend to become overwhelming :P), I finally framed some posters that made the trip from the US with me and a new one that I got in Paris :) And I turned the bedroom into a pretty spring attire with a gorgeous new duvet cover, plus I sent into retirement (at least for … Continue reading

Ricotta, Hazelnut and Chocolate Bundt Cake

Could I not post a recipe for a cake the day of my birthday? No, no, I couldn’t! But I am one year older and a little wiser so I decided that a good night sleep was more important :P But here is belated recipe for a humble cake, full of flavor and nicely humid (not dry). I cut back heavily on the amount of sugar with respect to the original recipe, so it turned out as a perfect breakfast … Continue reading

Mushroom Crepes

Yummy! Crepes :) Back from Paris I still feel I missed on some great food so I made my own French dinner: crepes. But not the luscious Nutella Crepes, a salty version of crepes, or a breton gallette if you want. Call it whatever you like but this thing has an outstanding flavor!   When making savory crepes I like to use whole wheat flour. Whole wheat gives the crepes a flavor of their own, instead of simply using them to … Continue reading

Kohlrabi Soup

Today is April the 1st: April Fool’s day. For such a special occasion I am going to give a weird recipe :P Here in Berlin we had a couple of weeks of amazing weather: blue skies, sun, long days and warm warm warm weather. But summer is still far away :( the warmth was just a dream and winter seems to be back, even though the calendar says Spring is in full bloom! Yesterday the hubby and I were laughing … Continue reading