Kohlrabi Soup

Today is April the 1st: April Fool’s day. For such a special occasion I am going to give a weird recipe :P

Here in Berlin we had a couple of weeks of amazing weather: blue skies, sun, long days and warm warm warm weather. But summer is still far away :( the warmth was just a dream and winter seems to be back, even though the calendar says Spring is in full bloom! Yesterday the hubby and I were laughing at the weather forecast that foresaw snow for this coming Thursday, an error of course. An hour later we were looking at the rain turning into snow!! No kidding! We went for a walk and there were small patches of snow here and there un-be-lie-va-ble!

The dreadful weather inspired me to make something heart warming, and what’s best than a soup? But “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” so I decided to venture into a new vegetable, one that I have never had before, and never even heard of before! Kohlrabi.


Before buying it I searched the web and found out it tasted like fennel, or broccoli, or cabbage, or cauliflower, or apples… Uhm, but which one??

I dared! I bought a couple of kohlrabi and started working on them!

I cut the leaves and set aside the ones that were fresh: dark green and crispy. Then I removed the green skin from the kohlrabi. It is very much working on a broccoli stem (the best past of broccoli in my opinion). You remove the green hard part until you get to the softer whiter flesh. The flesh of the kohlrabi also smells like broccoli stem. Very quickly my kohlrabis were ready and here is the recipe for the soup.

Kohlrabi preparation


  • 2 kohlrabi
  • 2 large potatoes
  • water
  • coarse salt
  • black pepper to taste


Clean and cube the kohlrabis (leaves included) and the potatoes.

Kohlrabi and potatoes

Toss in a pot, add some water, enough to barely cover the vegetables. Add a pinch of coarse salt. Cover and bring to a boil.

Boil for 30 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.

With a hand blender or a vegetable strainer puree some of the vegetables but leave some chunks intact. The cubes you left will look nice and be a hint to what the soup is made of. Actually a piece of boiled kohlrabi is hardly a hint to anyone :D

Flavor with some black pepper and serve. A healthy very flavorful soup.

Kohlrabi soup

My final opinion: the whole house smelled like cauliflower when I was done making the soup, not the most pleasant smell, I am sure the hubby is happier when the house smells like cake ;) A very creamy soup and the flavor was strong even tough this soup has only two ingredients. The taste didn’t really satisfy me, a mix of broccoli and onion, fairly sweet but something was off for me.

German vegetables vs Erika 1-0

Still quiet here.sas

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