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Apfelstrudel or apple strudle is yummy! This is a German cake and you can find it in the menu of every restaurant in Germany (and Austria and the Sud Tirol region of northern Italy). The way they serve it in Berlin is divine! If you order an Apfelstrudel you will get a small (or big) plate, the bottom layered with vanilla sauce, a big slice of *warm* apfelstrudel on top, a big scoop of cream ice-cream or whipped cream and some berries, … Continue reading

It’s all about the small things

The small things are the ones that make you happy. Yes, you can have some absolutely perfect days in your life, but your life is so much more than perfect days, cherish every single moment and smile, smile because there are a thousand reasons to smile. The view from my window Relaxing with a beer on the patio (although we need more relaxing chairs!) Going back to yoga after a 6 months break (why did I do that to myself??). … Continue reading

Warsaw, Poland

When you embark on a trip with no expectations you are bound to be pleasantly surprised :) This happened with my trip to Warsaw. I didn’t have much time to organize the trip and I had a hard time finding information in English so I expected to spend a few days eating onion soups and potatoes and touring a brand new looking city given that it was completely flattened by the Germans during WWII. I was sure it was going … Continue reading