It’s all about the small things

The small things are the ones that make you happy. Yes, you can have some absolutely perfect days in your life, but your life is so much more than perfect days, cherish every single moment and smile, smile because there are a thousand reasons to smile.

The view from my window


Relaxing with a beer on the patio (although we need more relaxing chairs!)


Going back to yoga after a 6 months break (why did I do that to myself??).


The days are warmer and the sun hits my living room the entire morning. Sun rays are a reason to smile in Germany, don’t take them for granted! This morning I woke up in a good mood and opening the closet to get some clean clothes I spotted my Skidless Yogitoes, “this is the day” I told to myself. As soon as the hubby left for work I set up my mat in the middle of the living room, I stepped on it and the sun started to warm me, oh beloved sun!

I usually prefer to do yoga in a dark place, but when a warm morning sun is looking right at you while you stretch and relax with your sun salutation, it is absolutely priceless. And while my Child’s pose is too round and my butt doesn’t sit where it should (but it will be better in a few days), this is exactly what I needed. Welcome back yoga! I missed you very very much.

Child's Pose

Let me preach a bit of yoga by telling you why I love it. It is not a sport, there is no competition, you do it all for yourself. It is good for the mind, it makes you relax and focus, plus once you learn your practice you can recall the pleasant experience whenever you need it, just close your eyes and breathe. It is good for the body. It doesn’t look hard but it builds core strength, your arms, legs, and back will be much stronger, everyday tasks will be easier and you will feel more energized. Finally it will help you get rid of back, neck and shoulders pain, I don’t know the exact scientific explanation but the combination of relaxation plus stretching plus strengthening did it for me and I hear it did it for many others.

One word of advice, there are many styles of yoga and everyone is free to pick whatever they like but beware, if you tried one class and you didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean you don’t like yoga, it simply means that that class or style wasn’t for you, give it another chance. As for me I hate hot yoga, all that bouncing and sweating and running out of breath, that to me is what an aerobic class should be like! I like relaxing yoga: breathe, stretch and a mix of holding poses and relaxing :) Always seek what you need.


All I need for yoga is my mat, my Skidless Yogitoes and comfortable clothes.

I also found pretty good yoga music on Spotify, Kundalini: Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation.

It would all be perfect if my adorable yoga teacher were here. Miss you Karen!

Still quiet

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