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Special days require special treats! Who doesn’t go to the best bakery in town to buy a big, luscious cake to celebrate the birthday of a loved one? My approach, tough, is always a bit different, for special occasions I scout the web and my recipe books, and I bake something special. What’s the special occasion? Well, today the hubby and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary. They say the first anniversary is the paper anniversary, but I am sure … Continue reading

Tramezzini, the famous italian sandwich

Tramezzini are very common in Italy. They are a triangular sandwich made of chewy white bread and stuffed with all sorts of things. They are originally from northern Italy, some say they are from Venice but it is very hard to know the truth when something is so popular. I adore tramezzini!! Both the good ones that you can find in the best cafes, and the not so good ones that you can find pre-packed at the grocery store. I … Continue reading

Fresh Pasta – Pasta fresca all’uovo

Yummy yummy yummy fresh pasta! And it is so easy to make! Fresh pasta in italian is called pasta fresca, or more specifically, pasta fresca all’uovo, that is fresh egg pasta. I never made fresh pasta in Italy… why bother when you can find it ready made and very good? But in the US we couldn’t find it so at some point we bought a cheap pasta machine and made our first fresh pasta :) yummy!! Needless to say that the … Continue reading

Cucumber with aromatic cheese

Summer is just around the corner and at the market I start to see summery fruit and vegetables :) This morning I stumbled upon really long and good looking German cucumbers and I though they were going to be just great for a little appetizer to bring to a cocktail party our friends threw to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. So here is the easy recipe for these flavorful cucumber slices. A perfect finger food party dish. … Continue reading