Tramezzini, the famous italian sandwich

Tramezzini are very common in Italy. They are a triangular sandwich made of chewy white bread and stuffed with all sorts of things. They are originally from northern Italy, some say they are from Venice but it is very hard to know the truth when something is so popular.


I adore tramezzini!! Both the good ones that you can find in the best cafes, and the not so good ones that you can find pre-packed at the grocery store. I always have one or two (or more) when I go to Italy.

I never made tramezzini in the US because you need a special type of bread, but the other day I decided that with the multitude of breads available in Germany I should certainly be able to find an appropriate one. I ended up making tramezzini with wholemeal bread and they tasted great!! I could have made them in the US too!


An important thing when making tramezzini is that the bread must be fresh and soft. Also the bread should be humid, never dry, for this purpose a number of sauces are used.

Here is the recipe for my tramezzini, not quite the original but I certainly was inspired by them. I see another post on tramezzini for the future, I must try to reproduce the ones with tuna and with small shrimps, my favorites!


  • sliced wholemeal bread (thinly sliced)
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • smoked salmon
  • arugula
  • mayo
  • mushrooms (from the can)
  • ham
  • parmesan cheese


Remove the crust from the bread and prepare all the other ingredients.

Smoked Salmon and Arugula Tramezzini

Spread some butter on a slice of bread. Cover with smoked salmon. Cover with arugula. Spread cream cheese on a second slice of bread, and turn it upside down over the rest of the sandwich (I put the salmon on the first slice and the arugula on the second… it wasn’t easy to put my sandwich together ;). Press and cut diagonally (to form a triangle) with a large, sharp knife. Cut again to make bite sized tramezzini.

Salmon and arugula

Tramezzino Salmon and arugula

Ham and Mushrooms Tramezzini

Chop the mushrooms thinly (a chopper will do the job best). Spread a layer of mushrooms on a slice of bread, the oil will keep the bread humid and tasty. Top with some ham. Spread some mayo on a second slice of bread, turn it upside down on top of the other one. Press and cut diagonally.

Mushrooms and ham

Mushrooms and ham

Tramezzino Mushrooms and ham

Vegetarian Arugula and Parmesan Tramezzini

Spread some cream cheese on a slice of bread. Cover with arugula. Top with thin slices of parmesan cheese. Spread some mayo on a second slice of bread, turn upside down over the first slice. Press and cut diagonally.

Arugula and parmesan

Tramezzino Arugula and parmesan



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  1. Eri! In Argentina we call them “sandwich de miga”!! i love this blog :D un beso!!!

    • Nati!! Of course you have them too with your Italian heritage :)) one day I will come visit, and I am sure I will feel at home!

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