BeyondPasta is closed this week, finally I am on vacaaation! But since I am a good girl, I wrote this post for you in advance, I didn’t want you to have to go a whole week without a new recipe!

I look forward to tell you all about Dakos: feta cheese, olives and tomatoes over a crispy bread soaked in olive oil and the juice from the tomatoes and olives. I am sure this clue is enough for you to make an educated guess on my destination, but let me help you some more: I’ll be enjoying tzatziki and souvlaki and moussaka and much more! Yep, that would be Greece, but to know exactly where in Greece I am headed, you will have to wait for my post on Greece and Greek food ;)

While I am writing this post Berlin sports 27 degrees Celsius, that would be 80F, and we reached 35C yesterday (95F). A heat wave has hit Berlin, and if you ask me: it was about time! While I love the heat, Berlin doesn’t really seem to be prepared for these temperatures, this country has no AC! I am not talking about old houses having no AC, the restaurants have no AC, the shops have no AC, the malls have no AC! So, you know, it is kind of unbearable! But no worries, it won’t last long. Sadly the temperatures are bound to go down in a couple of days, but I will be in Greece by then, and no, I am not disclosing my destination! You will hear all about it upon my return.

Caprese salad

But on to the recipe: caprese, or caprese salad as I have seen it called in the US. With this heat I feel like giving a super fast recipe, no baking, no cooking, just slicing, pouring, and enjoying your caprese.

Caprese is a recipe/no recipe. More a set of steps to enjoy a classic italian dish, just the way an italian would!

You can serve caprese as an appetizer or a main dish in summer.


  • 250 gr campari tomatoes (larger and juicer than cherry tomatoes)
  • 100 gr fresh ciliegine mozzarella balls (the small ones in water)
  • fresh basil leaves
  • 3 tbs olive oil
  • less than 1 tbs balsamic vinegar from Modena
  • toasted whole wheat bread to serve


Caprese salad

1- Slice the campari tomatoes and place on a serving dish.

2- Slice the mozzarella balls. Place a piece of mozzarella over each slice of tomato.

3- Top each piece of mozzarella with a piece of fresh basil leave.

4- Pour a thin ribbon of extra virgin olive oil all over.

5- Pour a little balsamic vinegar all over.

6- Serve your caprese with some toasted bread. Soak the bread in the leftover juices!!

You can also use regular tomatoes and a mozzarella ball. You’ll get the same thing, just larger ;)


For best results, and to get as close to the original italian as possible:

The tomatoes should be ripe and juicy.

The mozzarella must be in water. You could also use buffalo mozzarella.

The olive oil should be extra virgin, a fruity one would be best. For our caprese I use an olive we bought in Chile. This olive oil comes from the Emiliana Organic and Biodynamic Winery. When in Chile we took a guided tour of the winery and got to enjoy a wine and cheese tasting. We loved it. I highly suggest you do it if you are ever in Chile. We also saw the Alpacas and got to play with a stray kitten, he then followed us all the way to the car. I was heart broken but we had to leave it there :'(

Cheese tasting @ Emiliana

Cheese tasting @ Emiliana

The wine and the view @ Emiliana

The wine and the view @ Emiliana




Kitten <3

As for the balsamic vinegar, the thicker the better, and the real one comes from Modena. I tasted very bad balsamic vinegar in the US, if I didn’t know it is supposed to taste amazingly, I would have just thought balsamic vinegar is horrible and never used it again. Very little goes a long way so do splurge a little when you buy it ;)

The flavors of tomatoes and mozzarella stand out a lot better over a slice of whole wheat bread. Skip the not so healthy white brad for this one.


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