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3 Layers Chocolate Crostata

I had to make up a name for this cake, and that was hard! You may ask why doesn’t it have a name. Well, this is one of the beloved recipes that reside in the kitchen drawer, and when I say “the” kitchen drawer, I mean the one back home, in Italy, in my mom’s kitchen :) When I used to ask my mom for the recipe for this or that, she would always answer with “just look in the … Continue reading

Curried White Bean Dip

Dips, dips, oh beloved dips! I could live off of dips and veggies for dipping. And I don’t think it would necessarily be bad for my health. Home-made dips can be full of flavor and still very healthy! The only fat in this one is olive oil, and olive oil is a good fat (when used raw). I could also live off of cakes but that’s a different story ;) This is one of my party dips. I think dips … Continue reading

Pasta al forno – Oven baked pasta

I gave you the recipe for ragu, bolognese sauce, and now I have to give you at least one recipe for how to use it. You know you can use it straight from the pot as a dressing for pasta, but let’s elaborate on that and make a delicious pasta al forno, oven baked pasta. This is comfort food the Italian way, easy, filling and tasty oh so tasty. The following ingredients are for 4 persons. Ingredients 350 gr of … Continue reading

Ragù – Bolognese Sauce

Ragù, with the accent on the u at the end. That is how every Italian calls Bolognese sauce, or meat sauce. Ragù is originally from Bologna, and that is why it is known as Bolognese sauce, and is made of tomatoes and meat, so meat sauce is a good name too. Plus technically ragù is a class of sauces, it can be “alla Bolognese” or “of rabbit” or “of boar” and many more. But for every italian ragù, with nothing … Continue reading