Monthly Archives: December 2012

Potato Gnocchi (dumplings) with Bolognese sauce

Another recipe that is a super classic in Italy: potato gnocchi (dumplings). This time I used a dressing of bolognese sauce but I also love them with a sauce made of mascarpone cheese and blue cheese, half of each and simply melted together. Gnocchi are healthy and tasty, they are very easy to make and when freshly made they are 100 times better than store bought! There is only one trick: pick the right potatoes! In Italy you should buy potatoes … Continue reading

Classic Tiramisu Recipe

No one in Italy needs a recipe for Tiramisu, it is handed down from grandparents to parents to children. Every recipe is more or less similar, the variations are small, but in simple recipes such as tiramisu, these small variations can have a large effect. So here is my recipe for the classic tiramisu, I will also tell you of the variations known to me. Ah, tiramisu means pull me up. And after a long day it certainly does its … Continue reading

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

Oh I have been cooking, I haven’t been writing very much but I certainly have been cooking. So now let me knock your socks off with a super easy recipe to make home-made stuffed pasta, more precisely, spinach and ricotta ravioli. Easy and home-made stuffed pasta don’t coexist in your dictionary? Well, you may have to add an entry because this recipe for ravioli is very easy! And you can make lots of ravioli and then freeze them, ready to … Continue reading