Fabric Flowers

Nooo, these are not to be eaten, they are to be enjoyed in an entirely different manner. Because life is not only made of cooking and eating, but also of crafting!

The first time I made these super pretty flowers, I was crafting for my wedding :) Small flowers were positioned on the super cute (if I say so) handmade ring pillow (a big thank you to my friend Kay for helping me!).

Handmade Ring Pillow with fabric flowers

Also a large white flower adorned with netting fabric made its way into my short curls.

Flower headpiece on my wedding day

On Christmas day the hubs and I celebrate our half year wedding anniversary ;) Why celebrate only once per year when the half year anniversary falls on such a special day?!

But what other use can these pretty flowers have? I decided to make a bunch more and attach them to plain green pillows that were in desperate need of a touch up. And while crafting I decided to snap some pics to make a little how-to for your enjoyment!

You will need

  • Fabric, choose a synthetic fabric that will melt in contact with the heat (not cotton)
  • scissors
  • tissue paper
  • candle
  • thread
  • needle
  • beads


Start by carving some circles of tissue paper of different sizes. You will use them as a pattern for cutting circles out of the fabric. Pin the circles to the fabric and cut the fabric.

Cutting the fabric - fabric flowers

If the diameter of your tissue paper pattern circles has a small variation from one circle to the next, you will want to use every other one to make a flower.

Tissue paper circles green - fabric flowers

Once you have enough fabric circles, light your candle, let it warm a little bit and set yourself in some place with no air drift, you want the flame to remain as still as possible.

Grab a circle and move close to the flame, you don’t want to touch the flame, always remain several centimeters above the flame, you just need the heat and the heat moves upward.

Melt the edges of the circle to prevent them from frying and to curl them up, the more you keep the fabric over the heat the more it will curl, with a little practice you will soon be able to decide for yourself how much to “melt” the fabric to obtain the result you want. When melting smaller circles use something like tweezer to hold the fabric, this way you’ll prevent unwanted burned fingers!

melting the fabric flower

melting the small fabric flower

Once you have a bunch of curled circles position them one inside the other until you find a position that you like.

fabric flower

Grab some thread and needle and stitch the center of your flower.

sewing fabric flowers

Thread one or more beads and you are done! Super easy!

bead on the fabric flower

Now you can glue the flower, or you can use a safety pin and pin it to pillows, clothes etc. Or glue it to an alligator pin using a small piece of fabric on the opposite side of the pin for stability.

fabric flower

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  1. Hey!! Those are super cute! Nice work my friend :)

    • Vielen Dank! They are also super fun to make, if you use the tweezer to avoid to burn your fingers!

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