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Curried White Bean Dip

Dips, dips, oh beloved dips! I could live off of dips and veggies for dipping. And I don’t think it would necessarily be bad for my health. Home-made dips can be full of flavor and still very healthy! The only fat in this one is olive oil, and olive oil is a good fat (when used raw). I could also live off of cakes but that’s a different story ;) This is one of my party dips. I think dips … Continue reading

Finger food Birthday Party

We had a biiig party last week! As usual with finger food for our guests. The husband turned xxx while we were on vacation. Such an important birthday that I could not let it pass unnoticed. So as soon as we came back, we invited everybody over and had one of our food food food and good company parties ;) Personally I think it turned out great! I hope the guests feel the same way… We had quite a bit … Continue reading


BeyondPasta is closed this week, finally I am on vacaaation! But since I am a good girl, I wrote this post for you in advance, I didn’t want you to have to go a whole week without a new recipe! I look forward to tell you all about Dakos: feta cheese, olives and tomatoes over a crispy bread soaked in olive oil and the juice from the tomatoes and olives. I am sure this clue is enough for you to … Continue reading

Tramezzini, the famous italian sandwich

Tramezzini are very common in Italy. They are a triangular sandwich made of chewy white bread and stuffed with all sorts of things. They are originally from northern Italy, some say they are from Venice but it is very hard to know the truth when something is so popular. I adore tramezzini!! Both the good ones that you can find in the best cafes, and the not so good ones that you can find pre-packed at the grocery store. I … Continue reading

Cucumber with aromatic cheese

Summer is just around the corner and at the market I start to see summery fruit and vegetables :) This morning I stumbled upon really long and good looking German cucumbers and I though they were going to be just great for a little appetizer to bring to a cocktail party our friends threw to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. So here is the easy recipe for these flavorful cucumber slices. A perfect finger food party dish. … Continue reading

Porcini Mushroom Pasties

Remember the dough I had leftover from the lemon meringue pie? I wrapped it well, sealed it in a container and tossed it in the fridge waiting for a tasty idea. This pastry dough pâte brisée, is suitable for sweets as well as for salty things, so I had no limits on its usage. A couple of evenings later I had some leftover stuffed mushrooms to eat and I didn’t feel like making an elaborate dinner, so the pastry came in handy. … Continue reading

Smoked Salmon Half Moons

I love it when an easy recipe turns out delicious! And when it has only three ingredients (plus egg wash) and takes 10 minutes to prepare and 15 in the oven I really can’t complain. These little puff pastry pouches are a perfect appetizer for a seafood dinner. These byte size half moons also contribute to the thread of recipes that would work great for a buffet, or a finger food party. This is another tasty recipe suggested by my mom, … Continue reading

Italian Potato Cake – Gateau di Patate

Comfort food! It’s winter, it’s cold outside, sometimes I just want a recipe that is easy to put together but will deliver a good flavor and warm me up. This was the case last night. I really didn’t feel like putting up a big dinner but I still wanted a real dinner. Gateau di Patate came to my mind. This is an Italian recipe but don’t ask why it uses the french word for cake “gateau” because I have no … Continue reading

Finger food party

On Saturday we had our housewarming party, a wonderful excuse to get back to my favorite activity: bake and cook. It was a bit of a challenge for me given that we had quite a few vegetarians and some celiac, but I made it :) We decided for an afternoon party with finger food, so everybody could enjoy a bite here and there while not missing the action of the conversation ;) The menu included some of my staples, adapted … Continue reading

Mini Savory Pies

The other day I made my Mozzarella, Provolone and Tomato Savory Pie and I had some leftover dough. Throwing away that heaven sent dough felt like a crime so I looked for small ramekins to fit the small amount of dough left. I found my oval creme brulee ramekins sitting in a cabinet and thought they would do the job. Oh they did! I obtained the cutest savory pies ever. A perfect appetizer when you have some friends over. Being … Continue reading