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Menu for a special dinner and tips for Berlin

Last weekend we had a very special visit in Berlin. The hubby’s cousine came to visit us with her husband, and it was her birthday! Plus they are newly wed and this is the first time we see them after the wedding :) We couldn’t let such a special occasion pass by unnoticed, so we organized a special dinner for them. Here is the menu. Menu for a special dinner Appetizer: Rosemary white bean dip served with pita chips First … Continue reading

Afternoon break

Sometimes leftovers can turn into the best afternoon break ever. I made my favorite pie, walnut crostata (as per husband’s request), and enjoyed the leftovers during an afternoon break. Leftover cream (whipped with some powdered sugar) and softly, and abundantly placed on a small cup of good espresso. Served with warm pasta frolla cookies (short pastry dough), just out of the oven. Yummy! You can find the recipe for pasta frolla (short pastry dough) here. The cookies will need to be baked … Continue reading

Summer End Picnic – Shrimp and Avocado tramezzini and salad

A post outside of my regular schedule to tell you about the sweet idea I had yesterday :) Since I moved to Berlin the first thing I look at in the morning is the weather forecast, both for the day and for a few days in front of me. This is just to prepare myself, you know, here is not like in Florida where the only change in the weather is thunderstorms or sunshine but with the same hot humid temperature. Actually … Continue reading

Finger food Birthday Party

We had a biiig party last week! As usual with finger food for our guests. The husband turned xxx while we were on vacation. Such an important birthday that I could not let it pass unnoticed. So as soon as we came back, we invited everybody over and had one of our food food food and good company parties ;) Personally I think it turned out great! I hope the guests feel the same way… We had quite a bit … Continue reading

Cooking Classes

I gave my first cooking class :))) It was fun fun fun! The story behind it? Here it is. One of our friends spent a few weeks alone in Berlin while wife and kids went back to the homeland for the summer. He wanted to surprise his wife upon her return by cooking her a delicious dinner, but he is not quite able to cook. Knowing BeyondPasta he suggested I’d go to his place and teach him how to prepare … Continue reading


BeyondPasta is closed this week, finally I am on vacaaation! But since I am a good girl, I wrote this post for you in advance, I didn’t want you to have to go a whole week without a new recipe! I look forward to tell you all about Dakos: feta cheese, olives and tomatoes over a crispy bread soaked in olive oil and the juice from the tomatoes and olives. I am sure this clue is enough for you to … Continue reading

It’s all about the small things

The small things are the ones that make you happy. Yes, you can have some absolutely perfect days in your life, but your life is so much more than perfect days, cherish every single moment and smile, smile because there are a thousand reasons to smile. The view from my window Relaxing with a beer on the patio (although we need more relaxing chairs!) Going back to yoga after a 6 months break (why did I do that to myself??). … Continue reading

Kohlrabi Soup

Today is April the 1st: April Fool’s day. For such a special occasion I am going to give a weird recipe :P Here in Berlin we had a couple of weeks of amazing weather: blue skies, sun, long days and warm warm warm weather. But summer is still far away :( the warmth was just a dream and winter seems to be back, even though the calendar says Spring is in full bloom! Yesterday the hubby and I were laughing … Continue reading

Today’s catch, tonight’s dinner

Last Thursday while walking home after a lunch date with the hubby I saw the stalls of the market in my neighborhood. Since it was a sunny day I took a slight detour and walked through the market. I was delighted to find quite a few stands selling cheese, many selling vegetables and fruit, some selling meat and charcuterie, a few selling Turkish bread and olives along with all sorts of Turkish dips, but what really enthralled me and made me … Continue reading

Saturday Market at Winterfeldplatz

Oh my goodness the market at Winterfeldplatz is simply amazing! I heard of this market almost from the first day I arrived in Berlin. I have been meaning to go, but the search for my new place and the cold and the fact that everything was new to me and I had so many other things to explore pushed this back. Plus, I thought, it is just a market, good vegetables and meat but I have to plan some recipes … Continue reading