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A slice of Paris in Berlin?

I am scouting the web in search of the best of the best to eat in Paris (with an eye on the budget of course ;) and I thought “there has to be a French style pastry shop in Berlin”. You know, pastries that look like a piece of modern art. A perfect combination of flavors that pleasure the palate as much as the eye. With those cream puffs and fruit and all sorts of other toppings just standing there defying gravity. … Continue reading


Germans know how to make their sweets! I already mentioned how here in Berlin they like to have their Kaffee und Kuchen, an afternoon break were they enjoy coffee and a slice of cake. Max and I enjoyed few Kaffee und Kuchen breaks on lazy winter Sunday afternoons. In one of these trips to Berlin pastry shops Max had the biggest rumkugeln I have ever seen 0_0 it was the size of a tennis ball! Searching the web I seem … Continue reading

International Green Week Berlin

In this little corner of the world there is alway something going on. This past weekend I enjoyed very much going to the International Green Week, in German Grüne Woche. The Grüne Woche is a large fair with international stands from all over the world selling their specialties, mainly food, and drinks. Plus a large section on agriculture and farming, with an eye toward organic food and renewable energy, for example solar energy to power the farms. They also had cooking shows … Continue reading

Trial and error

I haven’t published recipes in a while, it is not because I am not cooking but rather because every move to a new country involves a lot of trial and error with the local products. The first 6 months I spent in the US I was very upset with the food: first of all the (damn) measuring cups don’t make any sense! How can you measure in volume instead of weight?!? The second big issue was with flour. The types … Continue reading

Digression on quality of life

The other day I have been told I don’t know what quality of life is, just when I thought I had found the perfect place to live: Berlin. I understood that quality of life means something different for each person. There are tons of articles and researches that try to list the best places to live, the ones with the best quality of life, but what are the parameters, and how do they estimate how many points to assign? I … Continue reading

Bread and salt

Bread and salt were given to me as a housewarming present, a tradition with Russian roots that is still honored in Berlin. Bread so there will be no hunger and salt to add flavor to life. Lovely I would say! The salt is from Bad Reichenhall located in the German Alpes. The bread is Arabic flatbread baked traditionally: on a stone in a fire oven. It is from a small bakery close to the Turkish market in Kreuzberg. The idea behind … Continue reading

Free beer: Germany

We made it! We reached the quota for our first free beer :) It wasn’t a big effort I have to admit, but now we can go to the store and claim our first free beer!     This is how it works: after 9 beers you get one free, and this is if you buy the expensive beer, for the cheap beer you only need 5 beers to get one free! Of course the bottles are all half a … Continue reading

My new wheels

YEP! I have wheels now. A girl cannot do it all by herself, sometimes you need some help and with the hubby working all day I had to find something to help me carry stuff. We saw this baby walking around last saturday, it was love at first sight But let’s face it, I don’t have a garage to park it, I wouldn’t want to leave it outside exposed to the elements and German crazy drivers! :P So I went … Continue reading

Guten Tag Berlin

A week has gone by and I have been very busy but I have also been processing the huge amount of information I am receiving. My dear friend Brandy of Deliciously Alive teaches (and preaches) that writing thoughts down is very helpful so I tried. I didn’t realize how much information you can download from your brain when you put it on paper (electronic paper works better for me). As soon as it is written somewhere the thinking process stops, … Continue reading

Something about me… A new adventure

I am back! Well actually this is just an update on why I have been gone for so long, and why probably I will be gone for a little longer… I am moving! Soon BeyondPasta will be blogging from here A new beginning? A fresh start? I like to think about what is waiting for me as the next adventure. New beginning and fresh start make me think about the counterpart: something ending. I don’t want to look at that … Continue reading