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Semolina Bread

I have been debating for some time whether to publish or not this recipe for semolina bread. The problem is I got it from Macheesmo (hese is a link to the recipe) and the measurement units are cups! You know I dislike cups, the metric system is standard, why would one use cups? (see my digression on cups here) But this bread was good! Semolina gives it a very special flavor, and it has such a crunchy crust and such … Continue reading

Tramezzini, the famous italian sandwich

Tramezzini are very common in Italy. They are a triangular sandwich made of chewy white bread and stuffed with all sorts of things. They are originally from northern Italy, some say they are from Venice but it is very hard to know the truth when something is so popular. I adore tramezzini!! Both the good ones that you can find in the best cafes, and the not so good ones that you can find pre-packed at the grocery store. I … Continue reading

Pizza -Dough and Margherita Topping-

Is today a special day for you? It should be because I am going to share a very special recipe: pizza dough, plus a timeless topping of tomato sauce and mozzarella, that is “pizza margherita”. Pizza dough is not hard to make, the tricks are: perfectly measured ingredients, 15 minutes of good kneading (10 if you can convince your husband to do it for you or if you use an electric mixer) and a warm place for leavening. This pizza … Continue reading

Tapas Pizzette

I have already talked about pizzette once, here is the same concept but a completely different recipe. Tiny pizzas that your kids (and husband) will love. Lots of little tapas to enjoy, possibly with friends :)   These are made from scratch, that means no bad oil or unhealthy boxed pizza. I know you are probably already thinking that you will never make the dough right, plus the leavening takes a long time, and the kneading… but stop right there, … Continue reading

Something about me…

I simply LOVE my herbs! But I certainly do not have a green thumb! I suppose some of them really want to live, they really don’t want to give up, or they are mutating genetically and becoming like cactuses: they store all the water they get for when they have to face tough times :P Basil I am particularly fond of my basil :) Even so, I have to replace it once or twice a year, but it is only … Continue reading

Focaccia with a Secret Ingredient

I know, I know, the secret ingredient won’t be secret for very long since this is a recipe blog and I am going to have to give you ALL the ingredients to make this AMAZING focaccia. Oh well, I guess I won’t have many secret family recipes to pass to my children and grandchildren, but the idea that they will be able to read this blog makes me happy, even if they won’t be alone reading it… Won’t they be … Continue reading

Puff Pastry Pizzette

Yummy pizzette :) If you have ever been at a party with me you have most likely tasted my famous pizzette. I never get bored of these pizzette (little pizzas) and lately I have been making them as a nice pre-dinner snack ;) They are easy to do, very hard to mess up and they always taste great. They are good warm but also great when they are cold. Perfect for finger food parties! Ingredients – yields about 32 pizzette 1 … Continue reading

No-knead Ciabatta Bread

Bread is something I have never done before coming to the US. But if all the bread you had in your life is what you buy in the US, you really don’t know how bread is supposed to be! Florida is particularly bad in bread making but I have tasted the famous sourdough bread from the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, and let me tell you, what a terrible taste! So, soon after I got settled in the US I … Continue reading