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Potato Gnocchi (dumplings) with Bolognese sauce

Another recipe that is a super classic in Italy: potato gnocchi (dumplings). This time I used a dressing of bolognese sauce but I also love them with a sauce made of mascarpone cheese and blue cheese, half of each and simply melted together. Gnocchi are healthy and tasty, they are very easy to make and when freshly made they are 100 times better than store bought! There is only one trick: pick the right potatoes! In Italy you should buy potatoes … Continue reading

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

Oh I have been cooking, I haven’t been writing very much but I certainly have been cooking. So now let me knock your socks off with a super easy recipe to make home-made stuffed pasta, more precisely, spinach and ricotta ravioli. Easy and home-made stuffed pasta don’t coexist in your dictionary? Well, you may have to add an entry because this recipe for ravioli is very easy! And you can make lots of ravioli and then freeze them, ready to … Continue reading

Pasta al forno – Oven baked pasta

I gave you the recipe for ragu, bolognese sauce, and now I have to give you at least one recipe for how to use it. You know you can use it straight from the pot as a dressing for pasta, but let’s elaborate on that and make a delicious pasta al forno, oven baked pasta. This is comfort food the Italian way, easy, filling and tasty oh so tasty. The following ingredients are for 4 persons. Ingredients 350 gr of … Continue reading

Ragù – Bolognese Sauce

Ragù, with the accent on the u at the end. That is how every Italian calls Bolognese sauce, or meat sauce. Ragù is originally from Bologna, and that is why it is known as Bolognese sauce, and is made of tomatoes and meat, so meat sauce is a good name too. Plus technically ragù is a class of sauces, it can be “alla Bolognese” or “of rabbit” or “of boar” and many more. But for every italian ragù, with nothing … Continue reading

Rice Salad

Yes, again, another recipe from Italy. This is originally called insalata di riso, rice salad, a delicious cold dish for the summer. Rice salad is perfect for a quick lunch since you make it beforehand and cool it in the fridge ready to serve. It is also perfect to take to work for a nice homemade lunch! It is great also for a summer party, since it can simply be made in great quantity and served cold. For best results … Continue reading

Mushroom and Sausage Risotto

Have I ever written a recipe from my region (in Italy)? Well, it is never too late to start! The food from my region is not striking, nothing very fancy nor very prelibate, but it is with no doubt very good. I have yet to find a region of Italy that doesn’t have good traditional food, so, the Veneto region is no exception. When I think of traditional food from my region risi e bisi comes to mind (risotto with … Continue reading

Pasta with Zucchini and Smoked Salmon

Salmon is great and whenever I make it, being it fresh or smoked, I always try to have some leftovers to make a nice sauce for a pasta dish. The usual sauce takes a minute to make, it is simply made of salmon, cream, a pinch of salt and black pepper (you can find it here: Salmon Linguine). The other night though, while I was craving a nice salmon sauce for the fresh tagliatelle I was making, I also felt … Continue reading

Fresh Pasta – Pasta fresca all’uovo

Yummy yummy yummy fresh pasta! And it is so easy to make! Fresh pasta in italian is called pasta fresca, or more specifically, pasta fresca all’uovo, that is fresh egg pasta. I never made fresh pasta in Italy… why bother when you can find it ready made and very good? But in the US we couldn’t find it so at some point we bought a cheap pasta machine and made our first fresh pasta :) yummy!! Needless to say that the … Continue reading

Happy Befana and Casunziei from the Dolomites

In Italy we have the tradition of epiphany on January 6th. The night of epiphany an old lady called Befana and dressed in old clothes stops by the houses and leaves a stoking full of sweet treats for the good kids and coal for the kids that misbehaved. Every year the Befana (aka my mom) used to put a small piece of fake coal (made of sugar) in my stoking xD The stoking from my grandmothers was only full of … Continue reading

Squash and Sausage Lasagna

I started writing this recipe some time ago but got into the OMG-I-am-moving-to-Berlin mood and never completed it, so here it is. It’s fall so it’s squash season! Mmm that orange yummyness of butternut squash is finally here again and I started the season with the most luxurious squash recipe I know: Squash and sausage lasagna. I love fall, the temperature starts to be chilly but not yet cold, the leaves change color and the streets are full of crispy … Continue reading