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Have you ever prepared pesto? I never dared to try but last time I was in Italy my grandma quickly whipped it up and I was astonished: it seemed so easy. I have to say she is a regular Italian grandma so she can quickly whip up all sorts of delicious things, but seriously, pesto seemed extremely easy to make. So since my basil is quite big, why not try pesto?! This is the result, what do you think? Now, … Continue reading

Goat Cheese Risotto and Stella’s Modern Pantry

I love cheese ohhhh I love it! I could live on cheese only, I am talking good quality cheese, not the one that comes in perfectly square blocks! And risotto? Oh boy do I love risotto, therefore risotto with goat cheese sounds like an amazing combination to me :)   When I moved to Ocala, I was afraid I was going to have to drive to Orlando to find decent food. Ocala is a little country town, downtown is made … Continue reading

Sausage and Mushrooms Sauce

The idea for this recipe comes from Max :) It is not the healthiest pasta sauce you will ever see but it is one of the tastiest, I can bet on that! This sauce takes some 30 minutes to make (unless you already have sauteed mushrooms). It is great made fresh and enjoyed with some penne pasta but it can also withstand the freezer with no problem, so… be lazy! We always make more than we need and we freeze … Continue reading

Pasta with Broccoli

A late post today because I spent the weekend in Tampa and Clearwater Beach: a little, much needed fun and relax with good friends :) Some time ago my local grocery store had broccoli on sale so I took advantage of the offer and bought a bunch of them. This gives me a perfect excuse to give you a new tasty healthy pasta recipe :) Broccoli are not my favorite veggie, actually I don’t think I have a favorite veggie … Continue reading

Swordfish and Mint Pasta

This recipe is brand new :) I wanted to cook more with fish, and at the same time I was looking for some new, fresh, summery pasta recipe and I found this one which is a perfect combination! Very yummy and very healthy. Also, as usual, very easy and quick. The sauce will be ready in the time it takes to cook the pasta, how cool is that! You can also make more sauce and keep it in the fridge, … Continue reading

Something about me…

I simply LOVE my herbs! But I certainly do not have a green thumb! I suppose some of them really want to live, they really don’t want to give up, or they are mutating genetically and becoming like cactuses: they store all the water they get for when they have to face tough times :P Basil I am particularly fond of my basil :) Even so, I have to replace it once or twice a year, but it is only … Continue reading

Olive and Mozzarella Pasta

This recipe gives me a summery feeling, but since Spring is approaching quickly (too quickly??) and here in Florida it’s already 84°F (29°C) outside, I feel it’s not too out of place to post it today. Moreover I actually make this pasta year round so why not today. This recipe is an italian staple: mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil make the italian flag ;) Plus olives from Italy are FANTASTIC! A very quick recipe. You can start to chop the ingredients … Continue reading

Green Lasagna

Oh man this lasagna is amazing! What makes it green? Pesto and zucchini: very green! I tried it for the first time at Christmas, at my boyfriend’s. You can tell how much I liked it from how quickly I tried to make it!!! I was quite skeptical at first, do these ingredients match well?? But Maurizia baked it, and she is a very good cook so I overcame the skepticism and tried it. Good thing I did :D To make … Continue reading

Walnut and Ricotta Pasta

One easy, quick pasta recipe is what I chose to publish today. This pasta sauce is particularly flavorful even though to make it you just need the time it takes your pasta to cook: about 10 minutes! Isn’t this great?! Italians eat pasta every single day, so you can imagine we have tons and tons of different sauces to eat it with… and tons of different pasta shapes for that matter ;) Some of them take quite a long time … Continue reading

Salmon x 2

Salmon for two and two salmon dishes in one! I love salmon! I eat it raw in the sushi, I love it smoked on toasted bread spread with butter, I love it baked with roasted potatoes, it is great in pasta sauces, seared in a pan it acquires a crunchy top and there are many many other recipes. Here I am focusing on the way I most often prepare it, which actually makes two fantastic dishes: Baked Salmon and Salmon … Continue reading