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Crete – Greece

With a couple of trips following each other at a very short distance (one week home and I was already on another plane), I am still dreaming of the amazing chocolate I ate in Switzerland (Chocolateland), but I must go in order and first tell you all about the fresh flavorful food I had in Greece, or more exactly, in Crete. We enjoyed the much needed heat, try to live in Berlin for 9 months and only then we can … Continue reading

Summer End Picnic – Shrimp and Avocado tramezzini and salad

A post outside of my regular schedule to tell you about the sweet idea I had yesterday :) Since I moved to Berlin the first thing I look at in the morning is the weather forecast, both for the day and for a few days in front of me. This is just to prepare myself, you know, here is not like in Florida where the only change in the weather is thunderstorms or sunshine but with the same hot humid temperature. Actually … Continue reading

Smoked Salmon Half Moons

I love it when an easy recipe turns out delicious! And when it has only three ingredients (plus egg wash) and takes 10 minutes to prepare and 15 in the oven I really can’t complain. These little puff pastry pouches are a perfect appetizer for a seafood dinner. These byte size half moons also contribute to the thread of recipes that would work great for a buffet, or a finger food party. This is another tasty recipe suggested by my mom, … Continue reading

Orata al Cartoccio – Baked Sea Bream

I told you about my mission to the market, preceded by a phone call to my mom to get tips on a good fish and a delicious way to prepare it, and here is the recipe she suggested. I made it for dinner and it was really delicious. It is also a very healthy meal and one that won’t stuff you. My mom suggested to prepare the fish al cartoccio that is wrapped in aluminum foil together with all the other ingredients and … Continue reading

Today’s catch, tonight’s dinner

Last Thursday while walking home after a lunch date with the hubby I saw the stalls of the market in my neighborhood. Since it was a sunny day I took a slight detour and walked through the market. I was delighted to find quite a few stands selling cheese, many selling vegetables and fruit, some selling meat and charcuterie, a few selling Turkish bread and olives along with all sorts of Turkish dips, but what really enthralled me and made me … Continue reading

Baked Zesty Tilapia

We all should eat more fish. I personally like it but my problem is that I don’t know many ways to prepare it so I easily get bored of eating fish. We happened to find some cheap local tilapia some time ago and we decided to make it in a simple way with the usual salt, black pepper and lemon, but we gave it a little twist using small key limes, they are so tasty!! I accompanied the tilapia with … Continue reading

Swordfish and Mint Pasta

This recipe is brand new :) I wanted to cook more with fish, and at the same time I was looking for some new, fresh, summery pasta recipe and I found this one which is a perfect combination! Very yummy and very healthy. Also, as usual, very easy and quick. The sauce will be ready in the time it takes to cook the pasta, how cool is that! You can also make more sauce and keep it in the fridge, … Continue reading

Something about me…

I simply LOVE my herbs! But I certainly do not have a green thumb! I suppose some of them really want to live, they really don’t want to give up, or they are mutating genetically and becoming like cactuses: they store all the water they get for when they have to face tough times :P Basil I am particularly fond of my basil :) Even so, I have to replace it once or twice a year, but it is only … Continue reading

Cous Cous with Zucchini and Shrimps

This cous cous makes for a very healthy meal with seafood and lots of vegetables! It is one of my favorite versions of cous cous, maybe because it is made with curry and I love curry? ;) One day a while back I discovered that cous cous is very, VERY easy to make, it can be tossed with pretty much everything, it tastes fantastic and, last but not least, you can toss it in the refrigerator and enjoy it the … Continue reading

New England Clam Chowder

When I went to Boston the clam chowder was just everywhere! But Boston has a lot of fantastic Italian restaurants and I crave good Italian food all year, so why would I eat anything else?? At the airport waiting for my flight, at lunchtime, there was no interesting Italian restaurant in sight, but the famous clam chowder was again in the menu of every single place, so I finally tried it. Oh it was so good! And if something you … Continue reading