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My Spicy Potato Wedges – Hubby approved

Mmm potatoes :P Hubby’s favorite (only?) vegetable and these, oh these spicy potato wedges are delicious! Crispy and spicy not really hot (if you are careful with the amount of cayenne ;), a flavorful mix of spices. They are perfect with a steak or a burger! Ingredients 1 lb Yukon Gold Potatoes (500 gr) 2 tbs plain bread crumbs 1/2 tbs spicy paprika (you can find it in the latin area of your grocery store) 1 pinch sweet paprika 1/4 … Continue reading

Grilled vegetables

Summer is BBQ time, to me the best side for a good steak or grilled fish is some nicely grilled vegetables. Here is the recipe for Max’s favorite: grilled potatoes (are potatoes even a vegetable??); and real vegetables for me: zucchini. I tried yellow zucchini for the first time when cooking this recipe, I did not notice any particular difference with the more common green ones, but the combination of colors looks nice ;) Ingredients 2 yukon gold medium potatoes … Continue reading


I am back! From where? Well, as my darling best friends B&B said: from Miss to Mrs Yes, I got married :) in my hometown in Italy. A fantastic celebration that deserves its own post, a food oriented summary of the day ;) After the wedding my new hubby and I spent 10 days in Iceland for our honeymoon, and that too deserves its own food oriented post, here I am just going to say that I really underestimated how … Continue reading

Sauteed Mushrooms – Funghi Trifolati

The way you sauté mushrooms in Italy is unique, we call them Funghi Trifolati. Here is the recipe, I will use it over and over again in various recipes in the blog so it deserves its own post. The first recipe using funghi trifolati will be here soon: crepes with ham and mushrooms -me: drooling! Ingredients white mushrooms olive oil to saute the garlic (2-3 tbs) garlic chopped parsley Directions Slice the mushrooms thinly (picture 1). Toss in a pan over medium … Continue reading

Something about me…

I simply LOVE my herbs! But I certainly do not have a green thumb! I suppose some of them really want to live, they really don’t want to give up, or they are mutating genetically and becoming like cactuses: they store all the water they get for when they have to face tough times :P Basil I am particularly fond of my basil :) Even so, I have to replace it once or twice a year, but it is only … Continue reading


That’s right, that is not Italian ;) but rather Greek! I have never had any greek food before coming to the US. I know it’s unbelievable, but I think Italians are too fond of their cooking traditions and they are reluctant to open to other cultures. The first time I had a gyro it was a blast! But the meat for the gyro is too complicated to make so I have never attempted to make it myself. Even if a … Continue reading

Mango salsa

Whenever I get Max to eat some veggies I am very proud of myself ;) A couple of weeks ago I decided to try a mango salsa to go with a pork loin grilled with brown sugar. Since then we made this salsa already three times and I have a mango ripening in the fruit bowl for the next time ;) Mangoes are very uncommon in Italy. Sometimes you can find them at the grocery store, they usually are in … Continue reading