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Chocolate Tasting

The hubby and I received a very prelibate bottle of rum for Christmas, and we thought the best way to enjoy it was with some dark chocolate. But once a the store there were many different kind, at many different prices! We pondered for a while which one was going to be the best, you know, the best is not necessarily the most expensive! At the end we had a brilliant idea, why not get a few different brands and … Continue reading

Classic Tiramisu Recipe

No one in Italy needs a recipe for Tiramisu, it is handed down from grandparents to parents to children. Every recipe is more or less similar, the variations are small, but in simple recipes such as tiramisu, these small variations can have a large effect. So here is my recipe for the classic tiramisu, I will also tell you of the variations known to me. Ah, tiramisu means pull me up. And after a long day it certainly does its … Continue reading

3 Layers Chocolate Crostata

I had to make up a name for this cake, and that was hard! You may ask why doesn’t it have a name. Well, this is one of the beloved recipes that reside in the kitchen drawer, and when I say “the” kitchen drawer, I mean the one back home, in Italy, in my mom’s kitchen :) When I used to ask my mom for the recipe for this or that, she would always answer with “just look in the … Continue reading

Munavalgekook Estonian egg white cake

I keep having an abundance of egg whites, I don’t know where they are coming from! Well, I do know where they are coming from… did you check the latest recipes on BeyondPasta? There are a lot of crostatas, and crostatas/pies usually means egg yolks. So what to do with all these egg whites? I freeze them! I keep them in small plastic containers, like empty mascarpone packages, and guess what, there is an abundance of those too around here … Continue reading

Afternoon break

Sometimes leftovers can turn into the best afternoon break ever. I made my favorite pie, walnut crostata (as per husband’s request), and enjoyed the leftovers during an afternoon break. Leftover cream (whipped with some powdered sugar) and softly, and abundantly placed on a small cup of good espresso. Served with warm pasta frolla cookies (short pastry dough), just out of the oven. Yummy! You can find the recipe for pasta frolla (short pastry dough) here. The cookies will need to be baked … Continue reading

Mascarpone Cheesecake with Apples

Another pie, well, this one is more a cheesecake than a pie, a mascarpone cheesecake. I am sure you don’t mind me posting another cake, do you? I saw this recipe on undici mesi, one of the first blogs I started following. The picture was inspiring so I decided to try it. Little did I know that the ingredients where all messed up XD So… well… I improvised! It turned out great! Similar to a cheesecake, but with a nicer … Continue reading

Chocolate and Mascarpone Pie

Yumm cake! With all these trips I posted a lot less recipes lately, I am making up for that with an amazing one, and it can’t be anything other than cake, or even better: pie! The usual italian crostata with a filling to die for. It’s filled with chocolate, mascarpone and ricotta! I made this chocolate and mascarpone (and ricotta) pie for the first time last week and it looked so promising that I took pictures of it right away, … Continue reading

Zurich and Swiss Chocolate

It seems that the tendency of coming back from a trip and having to leave again right away is a well-established habit! Not even a week after I came back from Crete I was already on a plane! I was headed to the homeland of the best Chocolate in the world: Switzerland! More precisely Zurich. I just stayed for the weekend and it was enough to enjoy the small center of Zurich, and fall in love with its chocolate! Moreover … Continue reading

Glass of Tiramisu

This glass of tiramisu is DE-LI-CI-OUS!! A variation of the classic Tiramisu that can be done in 10 minutes and enjoyed right away. No baking required, just mixing. Perfect for those nights when you need something sinfully sweet to end your dinner, and you need it right away. The hubby always wants Tiramisu, so one night, after dinner, I quickly prepared this Glass of Tiramisu and surprised him. Well, I also surprised myself, it was to die for! Definitely worth … Continue reading

Almost Linzer Torte

Back from a short vacation hiking in the Dolomites where I ate till I dropped (almost) dead, I find myself thinking about the amazing omelette filled with redcurrant that I enjoyed in Val Pusteria. I am sure you would like a picture of that awesomeness, but sadly even when I remembered to place the camera right next to me when sitting down at a restaurant, as soon as the plate touched the table I had already a spoonful of food … Continue reading