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Special days require special treats! Who doesn’t go to the best bakery in town to buy a big, luscious cake to celebrate the birthday of a loved one? My approach, tough, is always a bit different, for special occasions I scout the web and my recipe books, and I bake something special. What’s the special occasion? Well, today the hubby and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary. They say the first anniversary is the paper anniversary, but I am sure … Continue reading


Apfelstrudel or apple strudle is yummy! This is a German cake and you can find it in the menu of every restaurant in Germany (and Austria and the Sud Tirol region of northern Italy). The way they serve it in Berlin is divine! If you order an Apfelstrudel you will get a small (or big) plate, the bottom layered with vanilla sauce, a big slice of *warm* apfelstrudel on top, a big scoop of cream ice-cream or whipped cream and some berries, … Continue reading

Yogurt, coconut and chocolate loaf

I haven’t given you a new recipe in a while: bad Erika! Actually I had this one here ready to post but I completely forgot! So here is a delicious cake, the flavors combine so well that I am drooling and already thinking I should go buy the ingredients and make it again right away! Also, I just got back from Poland so stay tuned for a post on Warsaw and Polish food :) I left/sold/gifted almost everything I owned … Continue reading

A Glass of Strawberries

  It’s Sunday! This weekend has been all about the house: a trip to IKEA, a good scrub to the apartment (you know, the dust bunnies keep you company but they tend to become overwhelming :P), I finally framed some posters that made the trip from the US with me and a new one that I got in Paris :) And I turned the bedroom into a pretty spring attire with a gorgeous new duvet cover, plus I sent into retirement (at least for … Continue reading

Ricotta, Hazelnut and Chocolate Bundt Cake

Could I not post a recipe for a cake the day of my birthday? No, no, I couldn’t! But I am one year older and a little wiser so I decided that a good night sleep was more important :P But here is belated recipe for a humble cake, full of flavor and nicely humid (not dry). I cut back heavily on the amount of sugar with respect to the original recipe, so it turned out as a perfect breakfast … Continue reading

Paris – Part 2: pastries

I told you about the fun things I saw in Paris but now it’s time to get to the reason I really went to Paris: the food! I was somewhat disappointed by the food in Paris, I think that given the great number of turists a lot of establishments can sell bad/mediocre food and still be in business. On the last day of my stay at 10 in the morning I bought a croissant, a pain au chocolat and some bread. … Continue reading

Lemon Meringue Pie

Today I had to publish a recipe for pie, because today is Pi Day, yup Π Day as in 3.14 But I have one more reason to publish a recipe for pie: I am joining the party for the first birthday of Museum 140 (and I want to win!).   After a lot of thinking to find the perfect pie for the occasion, I decided to go all in and try to bake a lemon meringue pie, a complicated recipe that I … Continue reading

Ricotta Morning Braids

This recipe is a slight modification of a recipe from the Italian chef Luca Montersino. I was looking for something sweet to make for breakfast and my research ended as soon as I read this recipe. No eggs and no butter for a tasty little braid that is oh so soft and a little chewy, I think it will be great dipped in milk!   These braids are made of a plain dough, full of ricotta. But next time I will … Continue reading

White Chocolate Cookies

I rarely make American cookies, they are soft and I don’t like soft cookies. To eat soft and sweet things you have cakes, and muffins and brownies etc, cookies should be crunchy! Even so I had some white chocolate in the pantry and I found this recipe that sounded good. Plus, the recipe (as usual) comes from an Italian blog so I started working hoping for the best ;) My hopes were not disappointed, these cookies are GOOOOD and crunchy! They are … Continue reading

A slice of Paris in Berlin?

I am scouting the web in search of the best of the best to eat in Paris (with an eye on the budget of course ;) and I thought “there has to be a French style pastry shop in Berlin”. You know, pastries that look like a piece of modern art. A perfect combination of flavors that pleasure the palate as much as the eye. With those cream puffs and fruit and all sorts of other toppings just standing there defying gravity. … Continue reading