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Salame di Cioccolato for My Birthday

Yep, you got that right, this is the recipe for a chocolate salami :) But don’t worry, what makes it a salami is only its appearance. This is one of my childhood favorite desserts and, I am sure you will agree with me on this one, one can never turn his back to childhood favorites. So for my birthday I made this special treat, because, happy birthday to me, today is my last twenty-something birthday! Unless, I put my plan … Continue reading

Ice Cream Cake – with no ice cream

When I have leftover egg whites this ice cream cake comes in handy. There is no ice cream in this ice cream cake but once you taste it you will never believe it. The cake you obtain is very similar to an Italian, or rather European, ice cream cake called Viennetta. Countless variations of this cake are possible, depending on your taste. Here I give you my favorite version, it couples soft imitation ice cream with crunchy biscuits :P I am … Continue reading

Rum Flavored Lava Cakes

When I need (literally need) to eat something sweet, but the pantry shows no sign of interesting items to satisfy my sweet tooth I make Lava Cakes :) I whip them up after dinner and they are ready in 15 minutes! Last time I baked them I was feeling particularly sinful so I made a Rum flavored version of Lava Cakes, what can I say… here is how you can make them ;) The specified amounts make 6 cupcake size lava … Continue reading

Imitation Tiramisu

What a texture, what a flavor! This cake here is a recent find but quite an amazing one! I called it Imitation Tiramisu because it has many ingredients in common with tiramisu and the flavor is very similar. But don’t mistake this for the real deal, tiramisu is much different. While it may not be straightforward that a tiramisu will turn good, even if you follow all the steps of the preparation and you have a good recipe, this cake is … Continue reading

Walnut Crostata

<Updated on October 7th 2012 with new mouthwatering pictures!!> This is my FAVORITE cake! Hands down, this is not comparable to anything else to me, it is just pure love! A crostata is an italian baked dessert, similar to a pie. The pie dough is usually Pasta Frolla and there are many different kinds of fillings, I will post more crostata recipes in the future. I like walnuts a lot and I believe they are a fantastic ingredient for winter … Continue reading

Pasta Frolla

This is the base of all tart shells in Europe. From Italy to France to Germany if you are making a pie or a small tartelette pasta frolla is what you are going to use. Pasta frolla is a sweet dough perfect for pies and tarts. But you can also make crunchy biscotti with it. It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare this dough, plus it should rest in the fridge for 20-30 minutes. While it rests you can make the filling for your … Continue reading

Swirl cookies

Biscotti!!! There is quite some difference, I believe, between cookies and biscotti. Wanna guess which one of the two I am fond of? :P Biscotti to me are half-way between the american cookie, too soft for me, and Oreo, way too crunchy, even though they taste great!! In italy the cookie aisle at the supermarket is huuuuge!! I was very disappointed to discover that in the US there is not the same culture for cookies. So, just like a lot … Continue reading

Chocolate and Walnut Morning Loaf

This cake was such a find, I made it tons of times already, I even tried some variations of it, all turned out fantastic! It has a crunchy, breadish texture so I like to bake it in a loaf pan :) It can last a number of days, just as crunchy and not dry as it is right out of the oven. Keep it at room temperature in an air tight container  and slice as needed. The oil released by … Continue reading

Carrot Cake

Sweet, I crave sweet stuff. Don’t you crave sweets all the times? OK, sometimes I crave Indian food, and Thai (Max knows something about this :P). But I often crave those melting in your mouth sweet treats. To cope with my sweet tooth I bake the healthiest cakes I can… only sometimes, some other times I go with straight chocolate :P What can be better than a carrot filled cake? It has plenty of vitamins :) Can we consider it … Continue reading

Nutella Crepes

The other day Max and I run out of breakfast and were too lazy to go out and get something. It will never happen that our day starts with no breakfast so I made crepes, with nutella filling :) This is a fast and easy to make recipe, perfect to start your day or to close a romantic dinner and impress your loved one ;) The following ingredients make 3 crepes of 7″. Ingredients 1/2 cup flour (60 gr) 1 … Continue reading