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I thought for a while about this title: New Year in Rome, trip to Rome, Rome and Italian food, Amazing Rome… They all fit but none quite captures it. So just Rome, if you’ve been in Rome you know what I mean, if you haven’t been in Rome I hope you will have a chance to go because it is just stunning. This was my first trip to Rome and I can’t wait to go back! I am as in … Continue reading

Menu for a special dinner and tips for Berlin

Last weekend we had a very special visit in Berlin. The hubby’s cousine came to visit us with her husband, and it was her birthday! Plus they are newly wed and this is the first time we see them after the wedding :) We couldn’t let such a special occasion pass by unnoticed, so we organized a special dinner for them. Here is the menu. Menu for a special dinner Appetizer: Rosemary white bean dip served with pita chips First … Continue reading

Zurich and Swiss Chocolate

It seems that the tendency of coming back from a trip and having to leave again right away is a well-established habit! Not even a week after I came back from Crete I was already on a plane! I was headed to the homeland of the best Chocolate in the world: Switzerland! More precisely Zurich. I just stayed for the weekend and it was enough to enjoy the small center of Zurich, and fall in love with its chocolate! Moreover … Continue reading

Crete – Greece

With a couple of trips following each other at a very short distance (one week home and I was already on another plane), I am still dreaming of the amazing chocolate I ate in Switzerland (Chocolateland), but I must go in order and first tell you all about the fresh flavorful food I had in Greece, or more exactly, in Crete. We enjoyed the much needed heat, try to live in Berlin for 9 months and only then we can … Continue reading

Warsaw, Poland

When you embark on a trip with no expectations you are bound to be pleasantly surprised :) This happened with my trip to Warsaw. I didn’t have much time to organize the trip and I had a hard time finding information in English so I expected to spend a few days eating onion soups and potatoes and touring a brand new looking city given that it was completely flattened by the Germans during WWII. I was sure it was going … Continue reading

Paris – Part 2: pastries

I told you about the fun things I saw in Paris but now it’s time to get to the reason I really went to Paris: the food! I was somewhat disappointed by the food in Paris, I think that given the great number of turists a lot of establishments can sell bad/mediocre food and still be in business. On the last day of my stay at 10 in the morning I bought a croissant, a pain au chocolat and some bread. … Continue reading

Paris – Part 1: sightseeing

I am back from my short trip to Paris, and the first thing I should say is that I absolutely loved Paris. My trip was too short though, Paris is in my to-go list even though I just came back. I was not a big fan of Paris, too many French. And you know what they say about their attitude… it’s all true! Even so, being in the heart of Europe, few steps from major cities, I thought checking out … Continue reading

A short trip to a foodie’s dream city

Where? What comes to mind when I say: Éclair, macaron, madeleine, crêpe and bourguignon? La Ville-Lumière, the city of lights, Paris! I can’t wait to write about this trip! I have already bookmarked this list of the best pastry shops in Paris, and I am so looking forward to try each one of the suggested best of the best. The hubby calculated that it would mean 3 pastry shops per day: I can do it! I am also scouting the web for suggestions … Continue reading

Summer is fast approaching…

… kind of ;) Here in Berlin it feels like winter has just started actually. The snow has arrived making everything white and pretty and the temperature decreased drastically, now the daily maximum temperature is below freezing, and I am talking WELL BELOW freezing. I don’t even want to think about the minimum temperature!! So, to get me through winter I had to concentrate on something pleasant and what better thought than planning summer vacations? Now that I am back … Continue reading

Happy Befana and Casunziei from the Dolomites

In Italy we have the tradition of epiphany on January 6th. The night of epiphany an old lady called Befana and dressed in old clothes stops by the houses and leaves a stoking full of sweet treats for the good kids and coal for the kids that misbehaved. Every year the Befana (aka my mom) used to put a small piece of fake coal (made of sugar) in my stoking xD The stoking from my grandmothers was only full of … Continue reading