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Bye bye Florida

It’s time to go, jump on that plane and say goodbye to the US of A. It was such a nice adventure :) but the European in me is punching, kicking and screaming. I need to go back, enjoy life the way I know it, nestle cozily  in that feeling of being home, even if I am not quite going home, but Europe is like a big mama. Sure Germany is not going to be like Italy, but I am … Continue reading

Something about me… A new adventure

I am back! Well actually this is just an update on why I have been gone for so long, and why probably I will be gone for a little longer… I am moving! Soon BeyondPasta will be blogging from here A new beginning? A fresh start? I like to think about what is waiting for me as the next adventure. New beginning and fresh start make me think about the counterpart: something ending. I don’t want to look at that … Continue reading


My biggest passion aside from food is to travel. Since I know many of you share this passion I decided to share some foodie details about my recent trip to Iceland. I always try to visit places with outstanding natural features, so food is not usually at the top of my list when planning a trip. But sometimes, amazing nature combines with a rich culture, and culture always comes with an array of unique flavors :) This was the case … Continue reading

Newly wed

I promised a post on my wedding, well on the great food we had at the reception of our wedding. First I want to thank Ristorante Corte Benedettina for the fantastic service, fantastic food, fantastic wine and the great atmosphere that their location created for us. A special thank you and get well soon to the Chef Andrea Franceschi and a second special thank you to Patrizia Giosmin for the work she did to put this event together and all … Continue reading