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How much air is in your cup?

You may have noticed I used to write the ingredients of my recipes both in grams and cups but lately I am mainly writing them in grams only. I still love you american friends and truly hope you have been trying some of my recipes and will continue to do so, but my cups didn’t make it to Europe. I don’t need them because almost all of my recipes are originally from Italy or some other part of the world … Continue reading

Food Revolution

Eating is the most basic human need. But these days we most certainly don’t eat to survive, we eat because we enjoy it, a meal is a wonderful way to get together with family and friends. But more and more often people turn to cheap fast food, they don’t know how to cook, they can’t even recognize vegetables! Some time ago I heard about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, but never quite payed attention to it. I eat fairly healthy food, … Continue reading

Tomato Sauce

A base recipe that deserves its own post since I use it so much. Ingredients 1 box parmalat strained tomatoes 2 tbs olive oil oregano to taste 10 large basil leaves Directions Boil for several minutes 1 box of parmalat strained tomatoes, 2 tbs olive oil, oregano to taste and lots of basil leaves broken into pieces with your hands. Boild until it is reduced slightly. Tomato Sauce is perfect to top pasta: spaghetti al pomodoro are a very famous italian … Continue reading

Besciamella Sauce

The origins of besciamella sauce are debated between France (bechamel) and Italy. I don’t feel there is the need to claim it as Italian, although it is indeed the base of every lasagna recipe, and baked pasta as well ;) This is a base recipe, it is used in the preparation of many other recipes so I believe it is better if it has its own post. Here is how I make it… in the microwave :) You can use a pot … Continue reading

Castagne e vino Novello

All Italian for this post’s title, because this is a 100% Italian tradition, at least as far as I know ;) When autumn comes it’s chestnuts season, castagne! You can see fruiterers popping on the side of the streets and in the city’s main squares, setting up a nice fire and cooking chestnuts with the typical punched skillet. They throw them high, high in the sky and catch them all as gravity does its job. People line up to buy … Continue reading