Cooking Classes in Berlin

BeyondPasta is now offering cooking classes in Berlin! Cooking classes delivered directly to your place! BeyondPasta style. Oh yeah ;)

cooking classes in berlin

Are you located in Berlin? Do you want to learn how to cook? Or is there one special recipe that you really want to make but you are too afraid to mess it up? Do you want to surprise a loved one with a very special dinner? Do you have a party coming up and you wish to cook for your guests but don’t even know where to start? Or perhaps you want to host a cooking class at your place for your friends? I would love to help!

I sometimes feel the desire to go to a cooking class, for the fun and to learn something new. But I really don’t like the idea of going to a professional kitchen, stuffed with all the expensive cooking tools available in this world, and being taught how to make something that I will never be able to make at home unless I spend $$$ to buy the equipment I don’t have! I don’t own a Kitchen Aid and I don’t want one… OK, I want one but I don’t need it ;)

So here is my idea: home cooking classes, no no, not my home, your home! We will use your equipment and adapt the recipes to what you already own, so what we cook together can be prepared by yourself in a heartbeat. You won’t need to ask yourself if you can use that pan sitting in the shelf or if you really need to buy that super fancy (expensive) stainless stell they used in class. Did you know that you can use an empty bottle of wine instead of a rolling pin? Yes, when I say we’ll adapt the recipes to what you have in your house, I mean it!

Here you can read all about my first cooking class: cooking classes in Berlin.

I want this to be your cooking class, so feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

Sounds interesting? Contact me at erika at beyondpasta dot com!